The Latest Women’s Jewelry Trends That Will Be Everywhere This Year

Posted February 2, 2022 by in Fashion
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In this age of mass production and unchecked consumerism, the newest jewelry trends are all about what is handmade and nostalgic.

People want to own unique art and will pay tens of thousands to own pieces minted on the blockchain in the form of NFTs. Thrifting for clothes is becoming more expensive because more people are trying to do it. Women’s jewelry trends move in that direction as well.

Do you want to wear the same thing everyone else is wearing? Think the same thing everyone else is thinking? Or do you want to stand out and own something special?

These are questions to consider as we move into 2022. If you’re interested in finding out about the newest, most interesting trends in the jewelry industry, keep reading.

Women’s Jewelry Trends: Runway Edition

Let’s talk about the source of all trends: the runway. What are we seeing in the echelons of high fashion in terms of runway trends for early 2022?

We can really see the thrifting and heirloom inspirations in this year’s runway trends. We’re talking about big, bold, retro-inspired pieces that your grandma may have owned. We’re talking about wearing big, colorful rocks around your neck and on your fingers.

If you don’t know what that looks like, just visit the shop at to get a good idea.

These bombastic looks are making a huge comeback: think raiding your mom or grandma’s closet as a kid and trying on all her pieces of jewelry. It’s clear that fashion is done with the understated and comfy-core.

We miss getting dressed. We miss over-dressing. We miss the joy of putting on your first rhinestone hairclip in middle school.

These are the vibes we’re seeing now in multiple different types of jewelry; we are liking accessories that are both nostalgic and over-the-top.

Embracing Joy with Regency-Core

For the average fashion enthusiast, these trends embody the joy of dressing up. Understated and minimalist is out. Regency-core is now in.

Yes, maybe it’s verging on gaudy. There’s nothing wrong, though, with dreaming of being a princess and kissing a duke in vibrant gold chunky jewelry and pearls on pearls. We should permit ourselves to dream, after all!

We’re seeing a lot of fun patterns, too. Think stacks of big, bright resin rings and colored enamel. Think multicolored beaded necklaces. For example, on this website, you can find various resin-based statement pieces such as resin pendants and jewelry. 

It’s all about joy and making a statement!

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Zoom Dressing with Bold Statement Pieces

Most of us will still find ourselves working from home. Because of that, zoom dressing, or dressing from the shoulder’s up, is sure to stick around.

That’s why bold statement pieces are sure to remain popular. People are going to be staring at your face and decolletage for potentially hours a day: may as well give them something of interest to look at and bring some personality into it. Consider layering your delicate gold necklaces or wearing black velvet choker.

Crop stylish woman in wedding dress and gold layered necklaces

Playful Pearlcore

If we had to sum up women’s jewelry trends in two words, it would be “playful pearlcore”. Think: your grandma’s old pearls, but mixed with kidcore colored enamel rings.

Nostalgia is back, but also, the chance to dream. It’s okay if you’ve never been a princess. Channel what it was like to spin in front of your childhood mirror and dream about being one through your jewelry choices this year.

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