The Loungewear Essentials Every Wardrobe Needs

Posted September 5, 2023 by in Fashion

Women’s fashion has been quite unforgiving over time regarding comfort; waist-cinching corsets, high heels, itchy stockings, and push-up bras are only a few unbearable and even oppressive trends that have dictated women’s wear over the decades. 

But these days, loungewear has taken center stage, right beside sports-leisure wear and the braless movement. As we leave oppressive fashions behind, you might be wondering how to kit out your wardrobe with garments that are both fashionable and comfortable. 

Beyond fun prints and bold colors, the latest loungewear trends showcase minimalist aesthetics. Smooth textures, clean lines, and timeless styles are key details to look for. 

That said, here are the only loungewear essentials you will need this year.

Slouchy Tees

Of course, a few plain slouchy tees are loungewear essentials you’ll need. It’s best to avoid printed tees or tighter fits as these features won’t complete the minimalist nature of the loungewear trend. 

Slouchy Cardigans

Cardigans are season-less garments that you should shop for first. Button-down slouchy sweaters, chunky-knit oversized sweaters, and cashmere wool cardigans are the best options to choose from. Nevertheless, look for a women’s cozy cardigan in bold colors or earthy tones. 

Paper Bag Joggers

Loose-fitting, lightweight pants with a paper bag drawstring waist are the most stylish loungewear pants around. While the paper bag detail draws attention to the waistline for formal occasions, the loose-flowing fit makes these pants comfortable enough for lounging around the house. 

However, look for linen fabric to elevate your look, while lightweight cotton or wool blends are best for casual outfits. 

Light Robes

Light robes like cotton and silk kimonos can be worn over tee shirts, dress shirts, swimwear, and just about anything else. Comfortable robes are loungewear essentials that every timeless wardrobe must-have. 

Because these robes are so practical, you’ll want to invest in a few different fabrics, colors, and patterns to complete your wardrobe and most of your casual loungewear outfits. 

Longer-Length Cardigans

Aside from light cardigans, you will also need a few warmer loungewear essentials for colder weather. Longer-length knit cardigans are winter staples for any casual wardrobe. Look for simple designs and high-quality fabrics that will remain timeless for years. 


Culottes can be considered a season-less staple. These breezy pants are comfortable enough to fall into the loungewear category, although they work well for formalwear outfits. Pair these linen trousers with a plain tank or cute crop tee, or throw on a blazer to elevate your outfit. 

Cotton Shirt Dresses

Flowing longer length and oversized dress shirts are stylish enough to answer just about all of your style problems. These garments make stylish minimalist outfits that are perfect for just about any occasion. While shirt dresses can be worn with nothing else for a sophisticated outfit, you can pair this staple with a maxi shirt or comfortable trousers. 

Harem Pants

Harem pants might be most commonly associated with trips to Thailand and sabbatical retreats to India, but they’re also a loungewear staple. These pants don’t migrate well to formal wardrobes, but they are exceptionally comfortable, so you’ll find yourself reaching for these on your lazy days at home. 

But while there are tons of fun patterns and designs, it’s best to stick to plain bold colors instead. Plain colors complement the minimalist element of new loungewear trends. Even though there are tons of fun details prints to choose from, these designs don’t complement loungewear elements as much as plain, bold colors. 

Crop Long-Sleeve Tee Shirts

Crop long-sleeve slouchy tee shirts are also staples to gather. These tees are practical for colder weather and comfortable enough to double up and sleepwear. But as with regular slouchy tees, avoid patterns and prints that will detract from your minimalist fashion goals. 

Comfortable Pajamas

Last but definitely not least, comfortable pajamas will complete your loungewear wardrobe. There’s no particular style to restrict your shopping trip; carefully though comfortable pajamas of any kind are essentials even if you aren’t following the loungewear trend. 

Even so, tee-shirt dresses, silk nighties, silk slip dresses, silk button-down oversized shirts, and classic pajama styles are all great options to consider. 

Comfort paired with sophistication and minimalism define loungewear fashion this year. Look for garments that aren’t figure-hugging and unpractical, and choose styles that flow. That said, because the latest loungewear trends incorporate minimalist, timeless styles, it’s wise to invest in high-quality garments that will last years. Even if you move away from the loungewear trend, you can easily migrate most of these pieces to your formal wear wardrobe.