The Many Benefits of Labradorite

Posted July 25, 2022 by in Lifestyle

Stones and crystals are great ways to bring positivity, healing, and beauty into your life. There is a reason why so many people have been drawn to crystals recently, but one that you should be aware of is Labradorite. It is beautiful to look at and one of the few crystals that always pull people into its beauty. 

However, do you know what the benefits are regarding Labradorite? Read the rest of this post to find out everything you need to know. 

Labradorite crystals on wood table next to dried flowers

What Is Labradorite?

Labradorite was found in Labrador, Canada, in the 18th century. There are many beautiful colors on this crystal, which leave people speechless. There is a rare gem version of Labradorite called Spectrolite, and when it hits any light, it will display a complete spectrum of the rainbow. However, it can be scratched by a Quartz crystal, making it one that you should keep an eye on in your display. 

The History Behind Labradorite

Inuit legend says that the Northern Lights had fallen from the sky and were trapped in a rock. A warrior was tasked to break the rock, so the lights could return to the sky. He released most of the lights, but some remained in the rock. That is how Labradorite came to be. 

Some of the Healing Benefits

Below are five benefits that you can get from Labradorite today:

  1. Bring a Stone of Transformation

People who use crystals and stones for their emotional and spiritual state will like the Labradorite because it is known as the ‘stone of transformation.’ It is supposed to help people feel more confident and self-empowered. This will enable you to follow and attain your dreams to live your life. It brings the best out of people!

  1. Ease Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety are a part of everyone’s lives, but sometimes, you just want to turn it all off. Labradorite is said to help people calm down and settle an overactive mind. People who meditate would benefit from Labradorite because it will help banish any negative thoughts and feelings so that you can have faith in yourself. 

  1. The Spiritual Benefits

Spirituality is a part of many lives, so Labradorite is a perfect piece to add to your collection. It is related to the third eye, throat, and crown chakras because it is a manifestation crystal. If you are trying to improve your psychic or intuition, this will help you call your spirit guides and learn more about your past lives. 

  1. Protect Your Aura

In our busy lives, we forget to protect ourselves, but Labradorite jewelry is one way to help you protect, repair, and add a layer to your aura. You can use it to help guard yourself against any negative energy thrown your way. Also, you can pair it with Black Tourmaline for additional protection. 

  1. The Physical Benefits

Many physical benefits can come about when using Labradorite. Grabbing the crystal can help boost your metabolism, relieve arthritis, ease any chest infections, improve your immune system, and help with any cold symptoms. Additionally, it is said that this crystal can help with regulating hormones.

Labradorite stone on white background

When using Labradorite, you will create a safer space for yourself because it is here to help you with your self-confidence and banish any negative energy sent to you. Also, you can use it for the many physical benefits it carries. People who want to use Labradorite should wear it so that it is always close to you. 

Since it is linked to your throat, crown, and third eye chakras, it is best to have it in a necklace. Either way, this is a crystal that many people will benefit from having in their lives.