The Most Important Features Of Your Engagement Ring

Posted July 31, 2021 by in Lifestyle

The staple pieces of jewelry we wear daily say a lot about our personal style. Are you more into silver than gold? Or do you like wearing one statement necklace instead of stacking smaller dainty ones? Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have a personal preference and personal style when it comes to our jewelry. But one very important piece that we have the most opinions about is our engagement ring.  

A survey was released that asked people about their feelings toward engagement rings. While the survey mainly focused on who cares more about size, yes, pun fully intended, there was also a breakdown of the most important features. Here’s what the respondents said were the most important to them:

  • Diamond shape (19.9%)
  • Carat size (16.6%)
  • Clarity (14.5%)
  • Color (12.7%)
  • Stone type (12.3%)
  • Precious metal type (9.5%)
  • Setting type (9.0%)
  • Cut (5.5%)

When it comes to the most important factor when shopping for engagement rings, a majority of people said beauty and style (32%). This followed by quality (29%), durability (17%), price (16%), and being ethically sourced (6%). 

In all, your engagement ring comes down to your personal style! It’s something you will wear and cherish for many years to come, so while this survey may lead you to believe one factor is the most important, go with what you think is most important to you! If you want all the glitz and glam of a diamond, but not the funds, you may want to look into moissanite rings:

You can find a full breakdown of the survey, and even find out who cares more about diamond size here.