The Most Popular Fashion Trends Among Students in 2023

Posted October 28, 2022 by in Fashion

We are all born with an inherent need to express ourselves. Clothes can significantly influence our behavior and mood. Today, college students are hyper-aware of fashion trends as a means to emphasize their unique identity. Never before has fashion been so pervasive and accessible, with all new fashion trends available to browse with a single click. However, trends change so fast that it might be difficult to find one’s way through the maze.

We take a look at the latest fashion trends filled with sparkly items to ensure no clothing in your closet is out of style. Let’s dive right in!

The Sheer Trend 

Often, a single show is enough to inspire a brand-new trend. Fendi’s Fall/Winter collection featuring see-through clothes this year did just that. In 2023, transparent garments will no longer be frowned upon; on the contrary, they’ll be inspired. Experts believe the trend is fueled in part by a desire to reconnect with the outside world following the lockdown and in part by the current spotlight on women’s rights.

More and more high-end designers focus on wearable sheer with careful layering, so be sure to experiment with this trend if you wish to stay on top of your fashion game! The next time you type “can i pay someone to do my research paper” to locate the best writing assistants out there, follow it up with a 10-minute research into the stylish sheer looks to get inspired. 

Faux Leather 

Leather jackets have long been a fashion mainstay, and this year is no exception. Designers are reinventing ways to include leather as a chic statement piece, with an emphasis on multicolored leather skirts ranging from mini to maxi. However, due to the current hysteria over our fast-deteriorating ecosystem, as well as moral concerns about wearing animal skin, the world is increasingly turning to faux leather.

Genuine leather manufacturing is tied to severe sustainability challenges as it is a by-product of animal agriculture, contributing to a staggering 60% of greenhouse gas emissions. If you wish to look your best while also protecting the environment, check out the hottest faux leather trends for this season to easily add flair to any basic outfit.

City School Aesthetic 

The city school aesthetic is sweeping the fashion business right now, fusing modest, delicate school style (polka skirts, rose bows) with gritty roughness (gothic-style clothes, lug sole boots). Most designers exploring this brand-new trend draw inspiration from the interplay of two extremes, combining an industrial vibe with more refined elements. Make sure the city school style is at the center of your fashion efforts if you want to always brim with freshness and vigor!

Baggy Clothing 

Having to get out of bed in the morning is one of the most challenging aspects of college life. You probably lament this need at least sometimes, especially if you have to get up even earlier to put on your trendy outfit! If this is the case, a baggy clothing aesthetic can hold the answer for you. It can grant you more time for yourself, for honing your writing skills, or anything else you could imagine. You might recognize the style if you’re familiar with Billie Eilish, who frequently appears on TV in baggy T-shirts and oversized trousers. If you too wish to combine fashion with utmost comfort, definitely look into the best baggy style looks on the web!

Fashion is an excellent way to express yourself, allowing you to emphasize your mood on a regular basis, raise your self-esteem, and communicate with others. College students speak as much through words as through their clothing, some opting for florid colors to embody their soft mood and others for rugged aesthetics to hint at a protest. If you’ve been disregarding fashion as something too trivial, it’s time to ditch old habits. What you wear daily can greatly impact your overall mood, and this has already been backed by studies. What’s more, it can give you an arena to harness your creativity and express your deepest thoughts!

About the Author:

Merissa Moore is a high school advisor and blogger. Every day, she helps students deal with the psychological stress that often accompanies high school years. In her free time, Merissa writes educational blog posts to help students leverage all the amazing opportunities life has to offer.