The Most Popular Gothic Jewelry Designs

Posted October 30, 2019 by in Fashion
Gothic woman

Gothic fashion has been on-trend for decades. Theda Bara, a silent film actress from the 1910’s, was known for her dark femme fatale image. Dark lips, dark eyeshadow, and just a haunting vibe that just oozed forbidden romance. Today, there are so many different ways to be “gothic.” There are those that are drawn to the Lolita look (specifically in Japan), and there are those that are drawn to the cybergoth subculture; think demonia boots and neon colors mixed with the traditional goth attire.

Traditional goth attire typically includes dyed black hair, dark lipstick, and dark clothing, but it’s not always so cut and dry like that. There are many ways to be gothic. There are also many ways to add gothic flare to your not-so-gothic wardrobe.

If you are drawn to the gothic sub-culture, or simply just some of the fashion, all you may need to do is to shop a gothic jewelry  collection. Gothic jewelry can help ease you into this dark and beautiful fashion world. Here are some gothic jewelry trends you should try out:


The choker has been around for centuries in a variety of different ways. If you want to try a gothic vibe on your next night out, consider a chocker with beads, netting, or simply a moon or star hanging down the center. Pair it with dark lipstick and a smokey eye and you’ll have a very glamorous and alluring look for the night.

In previous times, the gothic women would wrap black leather cloth around their neck. The cage choker and cage earrings are another beautiful gothic design that depicts the trapping of a soul.

gothic moon choker


Gothic style rings are one of the top-selling products on the market for this fashionable subculture. The common ring designs include half-moons, skulls, and eyes. A black rose ring next to black skull ring would pair well together on your fingers. Paint your nails in a fun black shade, such as metallic black or glittery black, and boom. Perfect combo!

The gothic culture provides an independent and dominant look. Not everyone likes the gothic culture and gothic style. In fact, some people find it really offensive and tend to criticize it. Don’t let that bother you! You should never care for the opinions of others. Just listen to your heart. 

gothic rings


Another way to add gothic jewelry into your life is to wear a locket. Lockets are the perfect jewelry piece to wear daily since it will go with most looks.

The long locket with a full marble moon is a very beautiful gift to present to your loved one. Gothic lockets are fabulous in appearance that they capture the soul.

silver locket necklace


When it comes to earring, there are many popular shapes: moons, stars, snakes, and dragons are just a few to consider. Most of the earrings that belong to gothic jewelry stick to the whole ear instead of hanging down. But there are other gothic earrings available as well, like multi-chains hung under a moon, the beaded earring, the triangular-shaped ear stud, the black rose, the cobra design, the skull studs, spirals of tranquility studs, and many more. The geometrical shapes have their own significance in the gothic jewelry world. 

gothic dragon earring

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