The Most Stylish Salwar Kameez Trends to Wear this Season

Posted March 25, 2019 by in Fashion
The Most Stylish Salwar Kameez Trends to Wear this Season

Indian women have plenty of ethnic wear choices to choose from but the most favorite, at least the most worn garment is certainly the salwar kameez. The reason why every Indian woman swear by it is its versatility. It is an all-seasons garment and come to think of it it is also an all-occasion friendly garment and it suits literally every age-group.

What do we mean by kurta kameez? Usually, it contains a kameez, a shalwar, and a dupatta. It is available in stunning styles and is oh-so-graceful.  Women can’t think of an ethnic wear wardrobe without the versatile salwar kameez. It has the power to hide a multitude of sins. Also, its easy-breezy silhouette is movement-friendly and does not hamper the frenetic pace of life. It is a popular choice for formal occasions as well and whether you are a teacher, an office-goer, a homemaker or a college student or a homemaker, you can wear it to your office or to any casual meetups. The best part of salwar kameez is it has changed and adapted itself to the changing times. The demure salwar kameez continues to reinvent itself and the traditional salwar kameez is giving way to brand new styles.

Stylish Trends and Latest Salwar Kameez Designs for Your Wardrobe

Trying to update your wardrobe with the latest and the best salwar kameez designs? Ensure you add the effortlessly stylish Lashkaraa salwar kameez to your wardrobe and look your stylish best.

  1. Palazzo: One look at the stylish palazzo salwar kameez and you will know why it is such a popular pick among women. The wide hemmed bottom and its free-flowing comfortable style make all women fall for it. And you can pair it with a variety of kurtas such as straight kurtas, Angrakha, frock kurtas, draped kurtas, short kurtas and so on. These enhance the wearer’s personality to a great extent.
  2. Harem Salwar Kameez:  Harem pants are a trendy and edgy addition to your ethnic wardrobe. The hip-hoppers and belly dancers have notched up the cool quotient of these garments to a great extent. These are loose in length and has elasticated hems at the ankles. If you want to revamp the tried and tested look try to swap the traditional kurtas with a crop top. It is a contemporary take on the age-old traditional salwar kameez.
  3. Suits With Jackets: This chic trend is capturing the imagination of the fashionistas in India. Whether you wear the jacket long or cropped, they add a structure to the otherwise staid salwar kameez.  However plain your ensemble is, you can always jazz it up with these chic jackets. You can play the role of the perfectly turned out guest at evening soirees, plush wedding ceremonies with aplomb. You can tone it down to by wearing a sheer flimsy jacket in chiffon for more casual outings and notch up the glam quotient for parties by wearing jackets in brocade or handwoven silk. Sometimes these jackets are enhanced with beautiful embroidery or shimmery work to turn on the regal aura.  
  4. Off-The-Shoulder kurtas: The cold shoulder and the off-the-shoulder styles have been in vogue for some time and the style is still finding favor among the stylish women.  Whether these kurtas are cropped or long they make a stylish impression, these kurtas are just what you need to add to your overall persona. Have you bought this trend already? If not, then it is time you updated your wardrobe with this trending kurta design.
  5. Sheer Saga: Oh! The sheer gorgeousness of flimsy gossamer fabrics!  They look alluring and add that touch of sensuousness to your ethnic dresses. We already had chiffons, georgettes as the ultimate lightweight fabrics. But today, the styles have evolved and when we speak of sheer fabrics we no longer mean only chiffon and georgettes but also net, tulle, and tissue fabrics. The mystical allure these fabrics add to the garments is simply out-of-this-world.  Whether you flaunt them in pastel shades such as powder blue or dusty pinks or go bold with your color choices, you will be enamored for being the style diva you truly are.
  6. Shararas: Shararas have become the toast of the town. Right from tinsel town actresses to the girl next door, they are a hot pick among all. Talk of kicking off a fashion storm. I recently spotted a Bollywood celeb in a ravishing red sharara and she looked picture perfect in a stunning designer ensemble. Grab these utterly charming embellished attires and slay on with this gorgeous salwar kameez, making a roaring comeback into the fashion circuit.
  7. Fusion wear: Bored of same-old styles? Well, now you can add a touch of modernity to the traditional gear with this super stylish fusion wear. The traditional designs get a makeover with modern and Western cuts. Yes, it is the silhouette that isqueen here. When you want to look polished and all prim and proper, wear this trendy amalgamation. You can wear it to work and you will give a tough competition to smart Western wear as it combines the best of both worlds. The best of the Indian and the best of the Western styles.  
  8. Asymmetrical Salwar Kameez: Plain and even hemlines are oh-so-passe. Asymmetrical styles are gaining steady popularity among women. Women can now wear this style which is perfect for almost all occasions. This kind of uneven hemlines works best in flowy georgette and chiffon fabrics. Also, you can wear it in floral prints or you can wear styles enhanced with stunning embroidery. This type of outfits is now enjoying an elevated status in the fashion hierarchy.

These are some of the most stylish trends that you can pick this season whether you want to wear it to work or to any wedding. Ensure you add the right accessories to your ensemble, read jewelry, shoes and a bag and you are all set to slay in the most happening parties of the year!