The One Piece That’ll Make You Excited About Winter Looks Again

Posted February 25, 2015 by in Fashion

Raise your hand if you’re getting bored with your winter wardrobe. Oh, everybody? I’m glad I’m not alone. Trapped in a sea of cable-knits and puffer jackets, I’ve entered that stage in the winter cycle where I just can’t handle putting on one more carbon copy of an outfit. As different as a dress or a shirt may be, it’s still being plugged and chugged into the same formula. Sweater on top of dress. Check. Turtleneck tucked into skirt. Check. Infinity scarf on top of dress. Check. Pompom beanie with pinafore. Check. Marlen’s eyes roll back with boredom. Check.

Which is no wonder that yesterday I took a little venture to the far left side of my closet, where my jumpsuits and overalls were hanging. Dare I?, I asked, eyeing the denim a tad doubtfully. But it’s February, how will I get away with this?, I countered, not really listening as I was already taking it off the hanger.

It turns out, it’s a lot easier than expected.

Re-vamp Your Winter Wardrobe with a Pair of Overalls //

Re-vamp Your Winter Wardrobe with a Pair of Overalls

Really, all I needed were two things: a collared shirt, and a light outerwear layer. I always thought that a pussybow blouse with a pair of overalls was a charming combo, and I liked that it made you look a tad more covered up and winter-appropriate because of its high neckline. As for the outer layer, I have a lot of thin, cotton-like jackets on reserve, so I shrugged one on for some extra warmth for when I took off my winter jacket.

The thin, shirt-like material helped it not look like I decided to wear five jackets that day, but a thick wool or knit cardigan would work perfectly here, too. Then I added in a structured bag and some sleek booties to polish off the look and stepped back from the mirror with a sigh of relief.

Finally, an outfit in February that broke the mold.

The next thing I’m going to try with these overalls? Popping a fishermen sweater underneath for a laid-back, casual look. Inspiration, it’s great to have you back.

Overalls done right //

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