The Only Guide You Need To Fight Frizzy Hair

Posted January 26, 2017 by in Beauty
how to have frizz free hair for life

Is your frizzy hair ruling your life? Are you tired of waking up looking like a grouchy old lion, and then having to spend hours trying to make your mane look marginally less poofy? Here is the definitive guide to taming that messy mop for good:

Wash Well

You wouldn’t wash your favorite blouse in any old soap and expect it to look its best, and the same should apply to your hair. If your hair is on the dry side, consider getting a sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner. Sulphates are present in most shampoos to help create a good lather, but can suck the moisture out of your locks. Use DontPayFull codes to get money off the best sulphate-free products on the market.

Wash Less

Many people wash their hair every day, but if you suffer from frizzy hair – all that washing will only be making the problem worse. Restrict yourself to just twice a week, and the condition of your hair will improve dramatically.

If you want to refresh your hair every day, pick up some dry shampoo (Batiste is my favorite) to get that just washed feeling. If the thought of forgoing your daily hair wash sends you into a panic, consider washing your locks in conditioner most days. This will make it smell great and give you a smooth look.


Towel drying your hair is something you do automatically, right? The thing is, rubbing your head with a dry cloth is just going to make your frizz problem worse. Stylists in the know use a blotting technique for hair that is soaking wet. Here’s what to do: divide your hair into sections, then wrap the towel around each section, hold and squeeze. Do this all over your head, and ta dah – your hair is damp but not about to turn into a ball of frizz!

After blotting, you need to protect your hair from the heat it will endure during your blow dry and hot tool session. The best products for pre-styling are heat-activated, so they continue to work as you dry and straighten. I personally like Eva NYC’s Speed It Up Blow Dry Spray.


To stay on top of frizz, you need to treat your hair to a deep conditioning session at least once a week. Go for a moisturizing mask that allows you to put your feet up and relax while it does its work. You can find out about the best hair masks by reading reviews online.

If you don’t want to spend much, or just fancy trying something different to treat your hair – go for some do-it-yourself home remedies. For example, did you know that apple cider vinegar can be the key to gorgeously smooth hair? All you need to do is put a teaspoon of the vinegar into a little water, mix together and comb through. You can also make an incredibly nourishing mask for your hair by combining avocado and coconut oil – coat your locks, wait and rinse and voila, the frizz is gone! There are lots of recipes for homemade hair masks online: have fun doing your research!

Go Au Naturel

Sometimes hair gets annoyingly frizzy and fluffy because we expect too much from it. We dye it, we dry it, and we cook it with straighteners and curling irons: so it’s no wonder it starts to react badly!

To start, get rid of your hair brush if you can manage it: brushing dry, thick hair can make it rebel by getting even more frizzy. Use a wide toothed comb to keep any tangles out, and let your locks dry naturally as often as you can. Hot tool breaks can really help your hair recover from damage. 

To encourage a natural wave that is remarkably frizz free, braid your hair in sections as it’s drying. Before you know it, you’ll have a smooth style that looks great – with barely any effort!

Sleep on Silk

If you have a frizzy head of hair, you’ll be all too familiar with spending ages getting it looking good, only to find it has morphed back into its previous monstrous state by morning. Fortunately, there are lots of things you can do to hold your style in place and keep the frizz at bay while you sleep. To start, get a silk or satin pillowcase. Everyone moves around in their sleep, and rubbing your precious locks on cotton just makes it explode with frizz. Sleep with your hair in a low pony or braid helps, too. 

The Only Guide You Need To Fight Frizzy Hair

So, there you have it – you now have all the information you need to banish that frizzy barnet for good, and start living your best hair life! If you’re thirsting for more tips on how to make sure that heads turn to look at you for all the right reasons, find out more about how to prevent bad hair days here.

It might take a bit of effort to find the techniques that work best for you – but taking control of your hair will result in a more confident you!