The Only Guide You Need To Look Classy For A Formal Event

Posted February 23, 2017 by in Lifestyle

Looking classy for a formal event is a must, whatever your regular day-to-day style may be. If you have one coming up and you’re wondering what you can do to ensure you fit in, this is the guide for you!

Get The Right Dress Or Skirt Length

If you’re going to a formal event and you want to look classy, getting the right dress or skirt length is crucial. Usually, something below the knee, or possibly just above it is best. Formal events aren’t usually the right time to wear a mini skirt or dress. You can still look amazing in a longer length gown, and even a full length gown!

The Only Guide You Need To Look Classy For A Formal Event //

Don’t Go OTT With Your Makeup

Going OTT with your makeup might look incredible for a girl’s night out clubbing, but for a formal event, toning it down a little could be a good idea. If you like to wear dark smoky eye makeup, you could swap greys and blacks for subtle browns. This will still look amazing, but you won’t look like you’ve piled on the product. You could also choose a darker nude lip color, rather than something vampy.

Watch tutorials if you’re unsure on how to create an amazing makeup look without going OTT. You can look natural and gorgeous at the same time with the help of the right products and tools.

The Only Guide You Need To Look Classy For A Formal Event //

Wear The Right Jewelry

Wearing the right jewelry to a formal event is an absolute must. You can take a look at the 1 carat diamond price to see if that’s in your price range. If not, you could always look at realistic fakes to help you get the expensive jewelry look without breaking the bank. The right jewelry will enhance your look. You could wear a statement necklace if your neckline allows it, or even a gorgeous pair of droplet earrings.

The Only Guide You Need To Look Classy For A Formal Event

Choose A Formal Hairstyle

Formal hairstyles mean choosing from a variety of up-dos and other classy looks. Although you can definitely look classy with your hair loose, having it up can show off your dress and makeup even more. There’s an up-do to suit all face shapes and styles, so don’t be afraid to go for it!

Braided Updo //

Make Sure The Rest Of Your Accessories Play The Part Too

The rest of your accessories should be adding to your formal look too. Are you using a nice clutch bag? Do your shoes match your outfit style? You should also pay attention to the smaller details, such as your finger and toenails. People will notice these, so don’t neglect them. They’ll finish off your look perfectly.

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Work On Your Confidence And Self Esteem

Ultimately, you need to work on your confidence and self esteem if you don’t feel right dressed for your formal event. Everything is about the way you feel, not the way you look. Feel good about yourself inside and out, and you’ll have the most amazing time. Your confidence will shine through to all who speak to you too!

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