The POS Is Your BFF: POS Register System VS Cash Register

Posted September 10, 2019 by in Career
POS register system

Have you noticed that nearly every store you’ve entered and purchased from uses a fancy POS register system instead of that old school, bulky cash register? Are you feeling a bit outdated, but scared by the daunting idea of a technology-based register?

It’s not the old days anymore, and a POS system isn’t something to freak out about. Most POS systems are easy to use and can benefit your company in many ways. A booming business needs more than what your old cash register has to offer, and a POS system can help you with tons of backend work, keeping you and your shop more organized than ever. 

In this article, we’ll go over why the POS has taken over the business world, helping owners and employees run businesses more efficiently and precisely than ever before. 

What is a POS, Anyways?

We know, in a world full of gadgets and gizmos, it’s hard to keep up with all the latest technology. So what is a POS and what makes it so awesome for businesses?

A POS can do everything your rusty old cash register can, and SO much more. To break it all down, POS stands for Point of Sale System. There are two broad categories of POS systems: traditional, and mobile, or mPOS.

If you’re just now getting started in making the move towards a POS system, the traditional system may be a great place to start. And guess what? They aren’t as crazy, new and scary as they seem! The traditional POS system has been around for decades, you’ve probably seen them at most restaurants and stores. 

Ever noticed your waitress tapping on a touchscreen computer after taking your order? That’s a POS system!

These touchscreens are for entering sales and are all connected. There is usually at least one desktop or laptop connected, as well as any other hardware products that can connect and be helpful for your business, such as a receipt printer or card scanner. Basically, the POS makes sure that all the happenings of your business, from inventory to transaction history, are under one domain. 

For more information on how a POS system can help you grow your small business, head to the U.S. Small Business Administration, and learn why their encouraging small businesses to make the change from the traditional cash register to a POS system.

More on the mPOS:

Have you seen the fancy iPad registers that have been popping up at your local small businesses? Or maybe the iPhone you entered your card into and signed at the last farmers market you went to? That’s a mobile POS, or mPOs, and this modern register is a minimal and easy option, with so many options for Bluetooth connected hardware and more. 

These systems leave more room for adding applications and programs to your company and can also link to your E-Commerce site. Want to implement a customer loyalty program? With a mobile POS system, there’s an app for that! Cut down on paper waste, by giving the customer the option for an email or text receipt, and capture their contact in the process! 

A POS system is also great for inventory management. Forget old school pen and paper audits, with a POS system; you can run focused reports, and track sales. The applications and advancement are pretty endless with the mPOS, and it’s a great option for a business that’s trying to grow, or that already has multiple POS platforms. 

Cash Register or POS Register System

While a cash register is so simple to use, the POS is a user-friendly option, with endless resources to help you get started. Many POS systems have support teams that are there to help answer all your questions and troubleshooting. While a cash register is pretty limited, a POS system allows many more opportunities for your company. 

One of the main issues business owners have transitioning from a classic cash register to an advanced POS system is cost. While a cash register is generally more affordable, a POS will pay itself off in the end. The time and energy of you and your staff are priceless, and the POS can help to make your company as efficient as possible.

It can also increase your sales, customer retention, and more. 

Save Money with a Refurbished POS System 

Purchasing a refurbished POS system is an option that not many people realize is possible but could end up saving you hundreds of dollars. 

This is a great option, especially for small businesses that are trying to get started with a POS system. 

Cut down on your expenses by exploring this option before buying brand new, more expensive equipment. 

Is a POS System Right For Your Business?

Whether you’re starting out, or trying to grow your business, a POS register system may be the best choice for your company. 

Having a streamlined system is best for a business just starting out. You can make sure all your ducks are in a row with access to inventory management and so much more. 

If you are trying to grow your company, the POS system is a must. Whether you are trying to take your brick and mortar to an online platform, or expand your company across multiple locations, the POS is an essential part of making growing easy and manageable for you, your employees, and your customers. 

Don’t get hung up on the price, we assure you, the profit you will gain from a POS system will surpass the cost of equipment. For more information on how to start your own online business, head to our blog that provides great career advice for those getting started.