The “Post-Letdown” Guide On How to Reinvent Yourself at 30

Posted May 23, 2019 by in Career

Everyone in their 20s has a vision of how their life would be once they turn 30. By 30, you feel the pressure to have your life together, achieved all your goals, or have some direction. Don’t feel bad when you don’t have your life all figured out.

30 is a milestone year, and it’s a good time to reflect and start over when you need to. Stop comparing yourself with your peers, because focusing your energy and attention on them won’t better yourself.

Reinventing yourself is a series of small changes that require your dedication. Here is a post-crisis guide on how to reinvent yourself at 30 and what to do when your world seems upside down:

Ask Yourself If You Are Ready for Change

In life, we either change, or circumstances force us to change. Change often means that we are improving our lives. You need to ask yourself if you are passionate about what you do before you volunteer to make a change.

If you are easily distracted or unfulfilled about what you do when you are not passionate about it. Be patient and take time to get mentally, and financially prepared for the big change.

Make sure that you have a strong support system because changes are hard to go through alone.

Associate Yourself with the Right People

When you sit with someone even once, you have an ability to model their behavior. It is said that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with. Surround yourself with people who lift you up, who inspire you to be better.

First, find people who you share the same values with. Second find people who are better skilled than you in the area of work, the field you are working to improve. Find people who are eager to help and not tear you down to boost their egos.

The right people who will help you reinvent yourself at 30 may be close to you. They may be colleagues from work, or family and friends.

Learn Something New Every Day

Most of us either want to learn more about our jobs, or something related to our hobbies. We always encourage children to learn something new every day because of their curious nature. As adults, you either have a job, family or responsibilities and finding the time to learn or read is hard.

Learning helps you adapt to new situations with ease. You broaden your knowledge in daily life situations and can give you a sense of innovation and creativity. This is one of the ways you learn how to reinvent yourself at 30.


We get comfortable in knowing that particular aspects of our lives are certain. However, sometimes we want a shift in how things are, not too drastic. Experimenting with something new is not only good for your body but also mental well-being.

Look for something new to do daily, it may as simple as changing your route to work or hitting the gym after work. You can even decide to get a new job. Bank on key achievements in your past job.

You can hire a resume writer who will point out your successes and help you with this new path of yours. Whatever it is, you will be filled with a new sense of joy, excitement, and passion. It doesn’t matter what you do or how many times you fail, try!

Prioritize your Tasks

If you are working, this has to be the biggest struggles. Everything feels urgent and you feel like if you don’t do it immediately, you’ll be in a mess. Learning to prioritize tasks and different areas of your life will help you manage your time better.

You learn to have a work-life balance. Write down the goals that you want to achieve for the month. Remember to also note down the accomplishments achieved to motivate yourself to do better. When setting priorities for your task, ensure that 20% of your efforts produce 80% of results.

Practice Honesty

Humans are hardwired to think that they are perfect even when things go south. Apart from being honest with people around you, be honest with yourself. Reinventing yourself means that you can accept failure and are brave to talk about it with your friends.

Practicing honesty is one way to live fully and having a positive mindset. You remain true to yourself even though sometimes you face life-changing decisions. Bing honest connects you to your true values, making you less affected by negative opinions of you.

You become fearless.

Get a Mentor

We all need mentors in our lives either to give us occasional tips or to support and encourage you to fulfill your dreams. Having a mentor will build your network because they might introduce you to their acquaintances.

These people can become valuable connections in the growth of your career. Mentors will give you a new perspective on your life, which friends and family cannot do. Meeting people who share the same interest can act as mentors. Having a talk with people who are more experienced than you help you learn and grow quicker.

Be Smart with Your Finances

Reinventing yourself at 30 means that you are looking to build wealth and have stability. Practicing good financial habits will help you sustain your wealth and consider saving money for investments. 

Take time to research what you want and what you are willing to invest in. Automating your finances is one easy way of having financial security with little effort. Find processing payment tools that make payments for you.

This way, you ensure that money goes to your investment, savings, and creditors account. Know how much you spend in a month to be able to track your expenses.

Reinventing yourself means that you need to create new positive and constructive paths. You also need to be firm in your decision on how to reinvent yourself at 30. There are some days that doubt and fear of failure will kick in but remember why you decided to do it in the first place. If you get anxious, take 20-30 minutes to meditate.

Affirm positively that you are able to make the changes and can achieve your goals. Read more on how to give your life a makeover.