The Practicalities Of Getting Divorced

Posted December 5, 2019 by in Lifestyle
couple facing each other

When a marriage breaks down, it will always be a difficult and sensitive time. There will be lots of different emotions that can be tough to manage, but there are also a lot of practicalities that ought to be considered, and how you handle these will be vital for making the divorce proceedings run as smoothly as possible.

It can feel overwhelming when there is so much to be sorted out, which is why it is helpful if you know exactly what needs to be done. Read on to find out more.

Divorce Lawyers

The most important practical step to take is to find an experienced divorce lawyer Barrington who can handle the complexities of a divorce, which will allow you to focus on processing your emotions. They will be able to guide you from filing for divorce all the way through to the decree absolute, and they will do everything that they can to ensure a positive outcome for you.


You need to work out where you are going to live, whether this is staying at the family home or moving out. It is helpful to arrange some temporary accommodation for a while, whether this is at a friend’s house or at a hotel, at least until you have figured everything else out and you can then look for something more permanent.


If you have kids with your partner, then you have to put them first and try to minimize the disruption to their lives as much as possible. Who will be looking after the children is circumstantial, but you need to make sure that you both try to remain as amicable as possible for the sake of your children and ensure that their schoolwork and friendships do not suffer.


Some people prefer to keep their personal life completely separate from their work life, which can be a smart move. But, as divorce is such a big and life-changing occasion, it is important to let your employer know what is happening. There may be instances where you need to take time off, or you find it a struggle to perform to a high standard each day, so you should let your boss know what is going on.

Changing Your Will

Once the divorce has gone through, you might want to think about changing your will, particularly if you think that you may get married again at some point. 

Changing Personal Details

There will be many accounts and personal details that must be changed once you are divorced. This can include applying for a new driving license and passport, closing joint bank accounts, changing details on bank accounts, utility bills and insurance policies, and informing your mortgage lender of the divorce.

These are the main practicalities to consider when getting a divorce. This will always be an emotional time, and it can be much harder to process when you consider all of the practical steps that need to be taken. Knowing what your options are can make it easier and help you to arrange everything that you need to start rebuilding your life.