The Shopping Tip That Will Change Your Wardrobe’s Life

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When out shopping for wardrobe staples it can get super easy to get sidetracked. A popsicle colored dress here, some lets-vacation-at-that-Hamptons shorts there, and next thing you know you’ve got a couple of new additions to welcome to the family but not any closer to a well-rounded wardrobe.

But how about when you are actually focused on staples and are making an effort to hunt them down? What kind do you go for- ones with clean lines and that can blend without much effort into your wardrobe? It makes sense, right? But what if I told you that, when shopping, you should forget what you knew about closet workhorses and changed the rule about staples. Are you curious what that could be?

The Shopping Tip That Will Change Your Wardrobe's Life //

It’s to look for staples with a twist. That’s what sets stylish people apart from the rest of the crowd: They keep in mind that just a single clever detail can completely change the mood and level of an outfit. What do I mean by this?

When looking for staples, aim to find versions that have a little bit of panache to them so, when layered and mix and matched, they bring something to the table. For example, when looking for a white collared shirt, I made it my mission to find one with a bold black outline so it would create fun contrasts with my dresses. If I had a normal white collar this look would still be pretty, but not quite on the same level.

The same goes for your other pieces. Instead of buying black ballet flats, why don’t you choose shiny fringed penny loafers? Instead of buying a regular blazer, why don’t you look for one with cropped sleeves so your blouse peeks through? Instead of buying a black turtleneck, buy a cropped one so you can pair it with high waist skirts or layer it over dresses. Or instead of buying a prim collared shirt, find one with loose, baggy sleeves to give it a more bohemian, ’70s vibe (imagine that layered underneath a pinafore or sleeveless dress).

By seeking out simple basics with twists to their designs, you give yourself the chance to layer in a way that adds some oomph to your outfits.


For more inspiration, here are some other looks that revolve around unconventional basics. Study them and think about why they work:

Wardrobe Staples!
One: The white top has bell sleeves and adds a flirty touch to the look. Also, the mini skirt has buttons running down the front, adding a fun, ’70s like detail. (Source)

Two: The black shift dress has a deep v-neck but with thicker straps, allowing you to layer it on top of blouses and turtlenecks. (Source)

Three: The light trench has shorter sleeves, making it a great layering piece and allowing you to let your sleeves poke through. (Source)

Four: The chambray shirt has a dramatic pussybow, which is either a statement alone or will look playful layered underneath a sleeveless dress or a romper/pair of overalls. (Source)

Let’s discuss: What sort of details do you keep an eye out for when you shop for wardrobe staples?

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  • Petite Maison of Fashion October 4, 2015 at 8:20 AM

    Great tips. I love the briefing of the inspirational looks


  • Kirsty October 5, 2015 at 3:25 AM

    These tips are so ingenious but make so much sense! I’ll have to remember to take these into cosideration next time I want to splash some cash! 😉