The Solution to Missing Teeth: Single Dental Implants!

Posted October 5, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Losing a tooth can be traumatic, especially if it’s the front one. The person may feel self-conscious when eating or speaking because they can no longer bite down on what is placed in their mouth. Studies reveal that over 50% percent of people have lost at least one tooth because of trauma.  

Fortunately, there are dental implants to help you recover your tooth’s lost function in just 1-2 visits with an experienced implantologist. In this article, you will know everything about single dental implants and their importance for treating the missing tooth. 

Role of Single Dental Implants in Restoring Your Missing Tooth 

Single Dental implants are a way to replace missing teeth and help with chewing. They are attached just below your lip, much like how normal teeth sit in their sockets. The only difference between the dental implant and a regular old tooth is that the titanium post will integrate into your jawline. And they won’t show externally unless you want them to.  

For initiating the procedure of single dental implants starts the foundation needs to be set. Sometimes, this process can take up to months to become natural and fuses with the bone of the jawline. But this step is not always necessary.  

Once the foundation is ready, a crown is attached, which looks like your other natural teeth. The moment the crown is attached, you should take care of your mouth for about two weeks. After that, you can forget that it is inside your mouth.  

Reasons to Choose Single Dental Implants for Missing Teeth 

A single dental implant may be a better option for many patients says this dentist in Los Angeles. This is because single implants have a broader range of benefits over other implants, such as single tooth replacements and bridges. In addition, there are no visible additions to the patient’s smile with single dental implants since the implant is hidden inside the gums.  

A single tooth replacement option includes using dental implants, caps, or natural teeth. However, single dental implants are the best single tooth replacement option since they are fixed in place and will not move or fall out of position, unlike natural teeth. It means that they are less likely to stain since they are not exposed to the food and drink that causes staining or damage. 

These dental implants are made from titanium; they can fuse with the jawbone as natural teeth do. Thus, they can also be used with single tooth bridges, another single tooth replacement option. However, dentists consider single implants to secure a removable denture. Overall, single dental implants are superior when compared to other tooth replacement options.  

Many people don’t know this, but single dental implants are the best way to replace missing teeth. So, if you want a lasting solution for your smile, then a single dental implant is what you need. This article has explained why single dental implants outperform other treatments like dentures or bridges in many ways.