The Styles to Ask For the Next Time You’re at the Hair Salon

Posted May 20, 2021 by in Beauty

For a lot of us, salons have been closed for so long that we have had to rethink our hairstyle and how we do things. You may have been doing DIY hair dye or trimming your own hair to keep it healthy. We have all changed how we feel about our hair and many may be looking for some more low-maintenance styles. There are many of you who will have embraced their grey sparkles, as they have sat there happily for a while now. Some of us might have decided that we just want to have a big hair cut and not have to deal with overgrown locks! Some of you may have quite liked the longer than usual hair and have been making more of an effort to style it and try out some new braids or ‘up’ styles. 

However you are feeling about your hair coming out of lockdown, it could be a time to try something new. You might want something that will be simple to do yourself at home, a color that will blend better with greys, or simply want some fresh blunt ends that look razor sharp and slick. So with all of that in mind, here are some of the styles that you could ask for the next time that you are in the salon; it would be great to hear what you think.

A Bob or Long Bob

If you are used to having a sharp and blunt looking bob, or even a textured bob, then you might be keen to get that style back into your hair. It is a style that is always on trend, and you could even think about going a little shorter than normal, so you’ve got lots of fresh and healthy hair, and no straggly and split ends.

You could also ask about getting layers into a bob style haircut. This can add some more texture to the style, even if it is short already. When you move your head there will be lots of definition and movement which can make it look super fresh.

Woman in a white shirt looking in the mirror and playing with her new bob haircut.

Not as Bright Blonde

For any bottle blondes, lockdown when salons have been closed has meant roots growing in thicker and thicker and darker and darker. If you’re heading back to the salon then you’re  likely to want to ask for a full head of highlights. However, if you want to have a blonde style that isn’t quite as high maintenance, then it could be a good idea to choose a shade of blonde that isn’t quite as bright. By using your natural root color, your hairdresser could mix it up with some blonde highlights so that the overall look is much more natural. 

This can be done by a method called balayage, but what is a blonde balayage? It is where a hairdresser ‘paints’ on the hair dye, rather than using foils, to create a much more subtle look with the highlights. If you want a style that gives you pops of blonde, but looks more natural and sun-kissed, then balayage can be a good idea. It can make any root regrowth look much less obvious too.

Ashy blonde ombre hair

Invisible Layers

If you haven’t had a haircut for a while now, then no doubt your hair is one long length, and any layers are not so obvious right now! If this sounds like you, then it can be a good time to embrace change and to try out a new style. Choosing invisible layers in the hair help to frame the face, and are a subtle difference. You could decide to go for long and layered bangs instead, as that can be a way to frame the face (although they can be a little more high maintenance).

Having hair that is just one length isn’t necessarily a good look, so choose something that adds a bit of texture and shape. Hair styling irons are a good way to achieve this.

Woman with red hair wearing a jean jacket and plaid pants while walking through a parking lot.

Silver Fox

If you have been embracing your greys, then you might be much more used to them than ever before. If you’re feeling it, then why not embrace them fully? Of course, you could get a full head of hair colored, but how about choosing shades that more naturally match the silver or grey that you have in your hair? Grey hair, silver hair, and white hair can be something that looks really chic and sophisticated (Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada, anyone)?

What you should be asking your hairdresser for in this instance is a glossing treatment. This will help to add some shine to your hair, as greys can be more dull, and it will help to strengthen your hair as they grow. This can be a style that will look good but be super low maintenance for you at the same time.


With working from home, you may have found that you have a little more time to do your hair. If you have thought about the idea of bangs for a while, then it could be a good idea to embrace them. You could choose a thick and blunt style, which usually looks good with a blunt and razor-sharp bob.

You could also think about sweeping side bangs, much like Kate Middleton has had in the past, and then you just need to make sure that you take the time to style it well, so they flick out and have volume. 

Brunette woman with blunt bangs smelling a pink flowers in front of a pink wall.

Deep Conditioning Treatment

If your hair hasn’t had much love, and is normally used to getting treatments at the salon, then when you can get an appointment, a deep treatment is a must. This could be something that is done by itself or something that can be done after you have had color put on it. Professional salons have access to some great products that you can’t just go out and buy yourself. That is why you should make the most of an appointment and get a deep treatment that can help to nourish and hydrate your hair, or repair if your hair is quite damaged. 

When it comes to any salon visit, especially with a hairdresser that you haven’t been to before, it is a good idea that you don’t rush the process. One thing that is a good idea is making sure that the hairdresser touches your hair to get an idea of how thick it is and the quality of it. Some hairstyles just aren’t going to look good on very fine hair, or equally, very thick hair. One important step in the process is the stylish being able to see how your hair is, how it feels, and how it grows. This is all important before they start to cut. 

Asian woman with platinum blonde hair getting hair combed at a hair slaon.

Use the Right Kind of Language

There have been many bad haircuts simply as a misunderstanding of what has been said. If you just ask for bangs, then you are leaving it quite open-ended, and the hairdresser is likely to do what they please. If you use something specific like soft side bangs or just soft bangs, then it will make sure that they don’t get thick and blunt bangs like Lily Allen, for example.

The kind of language that you use at the salon does make a difference, so make sure that you use it accordingly to describe exactly what you are looking for.

Hairstylist shampooing client at a shampoo bowl in a hair salon.

Let Them Know Your Hair Troubles

If you have some known problems with your hair, such as a dry scalp or hair that is so fine that it usually breaks, then your stylist needs to know. They aren’t likely to give you a certain style of hair that is full of layers if you have fine hair, for example. It will make the hair look too thin and if it breaks easily, will leave it looking quite damaged and limp. They only see what they can see; you might need to spell out a few other things about your hair for them, in order to get the ideal cut and style that you want.

Be Realistic

We can all browse Pinterest boards for weeks and months finding all of the styles that we love for our hair. However, it is important to be realistic to what your hair is like. If you know that you like to tie your hair up a lot and won’t have time to do much each morning, then a cropped style that needs to be styled isn’t going to work. You should think about your hair specifically too. If you have thick hair with a tendency to be frizzy, a style that is too short, no matter how good it looks on your favorite celebrity, isn’t going to work well. For hair like that, hair that is a little longer, so that it can be blow dried or straightened is best. 

Blonde woman wearing a 90s inspired outfit including a white hair bandana.

So there you have it, the ultimate guide to getting back into the salon to get the hair that you want and that will work for you. Do some research, be specific, and think about your lifestyle and how much time you have to commit to your hair each morning.