The Trend Guide: Sneaker Lace Styles to Try

Posted September 28, 2022 by in Fashion

Footwear accounts for a $373 billion industry today. It’s a thriving business with sneakerheads and people who just love mixing and matching their shoes with their outfits. 

Aside from the shoes you wear on your feet, it’s essential to also stock up on the best accessories, starting with the laces. You’ll want to keep track of some new lace styles to go with today’s sneaker trends as you shop around. 

These tips will help you mull through sneaker lace styles of all types:

Brand new Air Force One Sneakers

Go With Longer Laces

Longer is better today for many people. You can buy long laces to go with any sneaker style and tie them up in a double knot of full expression. 

People are beginning to try out 54 inch shoelaces to get more length and versatility. You can replace the laces that came with your sneakers and get plenty of bang for your buck out of a set of longer laces that are durable and stylish. 

Consider the Latest Sneaker Trends

Take the time to also think about the trends in the sneaker industry so that you can figure out which laces will match them. Some of the most popular brands that people stick to when buying shoes include:

  • Air Jordan Brand
  • Adidas
  • Yeezy’s
  • Vans
  • Balenciaga

Explore the different colorways that these shoes come in as well so that you’re able to factor in the different shoelace possibilities. For instance, people love buying Jordans in colorways such as Carolina Blue, Black and Red, and white and black patent leather. Consider the laces that will go well with these shoes and it’ll help you express your style in a meaningful way. 

Impeccably Mix and Match Colors

We live in a color-centric time of fashion, so there’s no reason that your sneakers and laces can’t reflect that. Mix and match your shoelace colors to your heart’s content. You can even choose one lace in one color, and another lace in a different color. 

Some great combinations include:

  • Baby blue and cream
  • Cream and red
  • Purple and gold
  • Neon green and black
  • Red and blue

Consider the different patterns available as well to add more depth and pop to your shoelaces. This could include options like checker print, stripes, polka dots, and bold, solid color schemes. 

Try Out Lacing Styles

Finally, make sure that you’re also taking the time to explore different styles of lacing your shoes. The style of lace can take your shoes from boring to expressive in no time. Here are some lace styles that you can explore:

  • Traditional laces
  • Criss-cross laces
  • 2-Chain style laces
  • Gap lace style
  • Straight cross style

Figure out which lacing style goes best with each shoe and how it fits your sensibilities, and you’ll always have some quality options. 

Close up of white shoelaces

The sneaker lace styles in this article are worthwhile when you’re trying to get the most from your footwear. Leave no stone unturned when exploring lace options so that your style expresses your personality to the fullest.