The Types of Contractors That Can Help You When Redecorating Your Home

Posted January 24, 2023 by in Home

Redecorating your home can be done in a few different ways. Each different method is going to require different levels of attention on your part, as well as varying levels of investment. If you have a specific vision of what you want each room to look like but simply don’t have the experience to bring it to reality, numerous contractors can help you realise this vision. However, even if you have some prior DIY experience or are frequently building pieces of furniture, fixing things around the home, or even just doing things like painting the walls, there will still be certain tasks that require a professional to help you.

Here we will list the types of contractors you could hire when redecorating your home and what work they can do for you. Before we began with the list, a Contracting app is also available nowadays.

General Contractor

You can essentially consider a general contractor as a project manager. They will oversee the renovation and building projects and so are generally only needed for big projects. If you’re simply redecorating your living room, you likely won’t need to hire one of these, as you should be able to do this alone for the most part or with the help of a decorator. However, if you’re redesigning and renovating a home from scratch, they can be very useful. Consider hiring a general contractor if you’re going to have a lot of tradespeople to manage and the project is going to take a significant amount of time to complete. A general contractor can give you peace of mind, knowing that someone with years of experience under their belt is taking charge of the project, so you don’t have to.


If you have a lot of woodwork to repair or install, a carpenter is going to be very useful to have around. Even if you feel confident in your ability to work with wooden fixtures and fittings, whether it’s cupboards or shelves, a carpenter will know all the tricks of the trade, but they’ll also have the tools they need. This will save you significant time on the project and may even save you materials as they will likely be far more efficient with those materials than an amateur. There’s also a reduced risk of materials getting broken or damaged, and if they do, the carpenter will likely cover the cost themselves out of their own pocket, like most contractors will. A carpenter can also help to install things like wooden floors and wall décor.

Plasterer And Renderer

When it comes to your walls, if you’re simply repainting them, you might not need to hire a plasterer, but if you notice that your walls are damaged and need to be restored or if you want to add a nice decorative finish to the inside or outside of your walls, then you might need one. Plastering may look simple when you watch someone doing it, but getting it right requires a lot of experience and patience, not to mention the right tools and materials. You should search for a plasterer in your area if you think you’ll have need of one, and the chances are that, if you’re doing a full-house renovation, you will. Some plasterers also have experience in rendering work, too. This is the outer coating that you will often see covering brickwork on the house. As well as providing some extra structural stability and strength, this is primarily designed to stop penetrating damp and so is understandably very useful.


This is one of those contractors that you’re going to need unless, of course, you yourself are trained as one. A plumber will fit all of your water pipes after cutting and shaping them all. They can also fit new heating systems and radiators, as well as repair existing fittings such as your boiler. They can also service your gas boiler, which many people don’t realise, and will also install things like showers, baths, and water-using appliances like washing machines and dishwashers. A plumber is a very useful contractor to get in to handle these things, as attempting to do them yourself with no experience can lead to disaster.


Similar to a plumber, an electrician may be a very useful person to have at hand during a big project like this. Electricians can do many different jobs around your home that involve the electrical systems in the property. This can vary from simple tasks like replacing light fittings and adding new lights to repairing faulty wiring or even replacing all of the wiring in the property. The latter is especially useful if it’s an old property with outdated electrics.

There are a number of things to ask an electrician before you hire them, including whether they have all of the correct licenses and permits, proof of insurance, and if they offer guarantees. You should also get some references from others they have done work for. Ideally, you should search for someone online and contact them yourself rather than asking them to source the references, as they will naturally avoid asking anyone that may have had a bad experience.