The Ultimate Getaway: 3 Destinations to Blow Your Savings on in 2021

Posted October 24, 2020 by in Lifestyle

The pandemic has all made us experience our lives in many different ways over the past seven months. For some of us it’s made us appreciate what we have, for others it’s been a real struggle to stay afloat financially. 

For some people, it’s been the perfect opportunity to save, while many of us are simply craving a 2021 in which we can well and truly escape. And what better way to do so than get back on the road.

While travel restrictions are still in place, there’s certainly no harm in having a think of where to get away too next year, and many of us will want to do it well and truly in style.

If you’re among the lucky ones who have managed to save like never before over the last few months, then why not consider these three destinations for a truly memorable experience:

vacation destinations to consider for 2021

Las Vegas

What better place to start than America’s playground. In a COVID-free world it’s a place where once in a lifetime experiences come each and every day, from seeing legendary musicians live to flying over the Grand Canyon, to of course taking a spin of the roulette wheels and winning big.

It’s a chance to really let go, but ensure you’re also prepared. You don’t want to make a show of yourself on the casino floor, so do make sure you know what you’re doing.

Have a practice online on certain games so you know what you’re doing. There are tons of great online casino sites around these days, with brands such as useful for finding lists of the most trusted currently on the market.

Sign up to one using an offer to get a feel of the likes of slots and blackjack, so you can really hit it up in style when it comes to Vegas.

If you’re feeling particularly extravagant, consider the likes of the Bellagio as a place to stay and watch the Dancing Fountains from the comfort of your suite, while also make sure you don’t miss out on the fine dining, ample shows and more. Of course, Vegas can also be done on a budget, with plenty of more reasonably priced hotels, restaurants and activities too.

The Maldives

While Las Vegas offers fun every minute, it could be the case that you simply want to switch your brain off and release the tensions many of us have currently. The Maldives is perfect for this. It’s expected many travel agents will be offering deals on such places when travel restrictions are eased, and the sun, spas and sea really can’t be beaten.

The Indian Ocean islands are truly stunning and aren’t currently on the quarantine list, with some relative bargains to be had at the moment. For the most part, it is a place to relax, although you will find plenty of fun activities too, including the new Soneva Fushi villas which have a 62ft water slide!

If a tropical vacation for 2021 is what’s on your mind for 2021, click here villas.


Japan is really suffering from the pandemic, and with the Olympic Games taking place in 2021 in Tokyo, it could be the perfect time to visit.

There are tons of deals being offered currently for next year and 2022 with Wendy Wu Tours offering free flights, while the Japanese tourist board were even considering offering incentives for visiting.

It’s a country full of beauty, from Mount Fuji and the picture-perfect gardens, to the bright lights of downtown Tokyo and Osaka which are like visiting another planet. 

Again, if you’re looking to blow a bit of your savings on a trip of a lifetime to make up for 2020, with the cheaper deals going around it could be the perfect time to make that booking!