The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Fit: Men’s Underwear Sizing Explained

Posted November 1, 2023 by in Fashion

Between brands, styles, and your changing body, buying well-fitting men’s underwear can be frustratingly tough. But comfort below the belt is essential. Follow this guide to demystify sizing so you can find pairs that fit just right.

Ignore Clothing Sizes

First rule – don’t assume your pants size matches your underwear size. Clothing and underwear sizes differ wildly across brands. Focus specifically on waist and inseam measurements.

Measure Your Waist

Use a fabric tape measure wrapped snugly around your natural waist (about an inch above your hips) to get your waist size in inches. Compare to sizing charts and aim for underwear within an inch of your waist. 

If between sizes, size down for a snugger fit or up for looser underwear. Fluctuating weight means you may be two sizes depending on the season. If you’re finding the best combo of comfort and style, consider something different Where Style Meets Comfort: Knobby Men’s Underwear.

Examine the Rise

The rise indicates how high the waistband sits – low, mid or high rise. Choose based on personal preference.

Lower rise is great if you wear pants below your waist or want less fabric down there. Higher rises offer more coverage. Try on different rises to see what’s most comfortable for your body shape.

Consider the Leg Style

Underwear leg styles include:

– Boxer Briefs – Snug fit, mid-thigh length. Most common. 

– Trunk – Shorter leg boxer briefs. 

– Briefs – Traditional high-cut leg. 

– Boxers – Loose fitting, longer leg.

Try a few styles to find your favorite leg cut. Briefs and trunks provide more support while boxers allow more airflow. 

Account for Shrinkage

Cotton and cotton blends shrink. Size up if the fabric contains much cotton to allow for shrinkage. Synthetics like polyester and modal don’t shrink as much.

Wash before wearing using care instructions. Better to deal with initial shrinkage before wearing to avoid later surprises.

Mind the Pouch

If concerned about support, look for an underwear pouch or cod piece. This provides space for the goods and prevents squeezing.

For more breathability, a mesh pouch is great. Or go for a JOCK strap for active athletic use and running. 

Focus on the Fabric

Fabric impacts comfort and performance. Lightweight breathable synthetics work for everyday and exercising. Cotton blends are very soft but less moisture-wicking. 

Try fabrics labeled moisture-wicking or quick-dry for staying dry and cool. And look for stretch fabrics containing spandex or elastane for better movement.

Consider Compression

Compression underwear like Under Armour can relieve fatigue by improving blood flow. They fit extremely snug. Size down for ideal compression. 

Great for sports and exercise. Not a must but can offer benefits like reduced chafing too.

Trying New Brands

Stray from your typical brand to discover new fits and fabrics. Outside of mass brands, many smaller underwear companies exist online. Experiment to find styles perfectly suiting your body.

With the right fit for your build and activity, you’ll stay comfy all day. Follow these tips when shopping to find underwear that doesn’t ride up, squeeze or chafe. Because no one needs underwear issues down there!

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