The Ultimate Guide to Packing Your Bathroom When Moving

Posted July 20, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Did you just purchase your dream home? Did you just sign a lease to a  new apartment? Congrats! Many new beginnings are exciting, but when it comes to moving, you’re also met with stress and a long to-do list. Many reputed local moving companies say that one of the trickiest tasks to do during the moving process is to pack and move your bathroom. 

First of all, the bathroom consists of numerous items of odd shapes and fragile items like cosmetic products and items in bottles prone to leakage. Secondly, the bathroom is usually the last room to get packed up—as you likely need to use items in there until you actually drive to your new home.

If you’re dreading this aspect of moving, here are some tips and tricks so you can easily pack your bathroom essentials on your next move with as little stress as possible:

Sort Out the Entire Bathroom stuff 

The bathroom consists of a wide variety of items—hair dryers, cosmetics, trash bins, towels, shower curtains, clippers, and dental floss to name a few. To make things a bit easier, sort out your bathroom by category. Once you have your category boxes, it’ll be easier to pack. Different categories include appliances, hair products, medicine, makeup, linens, wet products (like alcohol and mouthwash), and dry accessories such as cotton balls, Q-Tips, and feminine products.

For the boxes with liquids, consider taping the lids or wrapping them in plastic bags to make any leakage less annoying during the unpacking stage.

Purge Out the Unnecessary Items

You should not pack items like almost empty shampoo and conditioner bottles, toilet paper rolls, and so on. It is recommended you stop buying those items close to your move so you can start fresh with new items in your new place. You should also throw away any old or expired cosmetics. If you come across a hair appliance you rarely use, consider donating it to Goodwill or giving it to a friend.

Packing Guide


You should start sorting out the medicines in your cabinets and drawers. If you have lived in the same place for a long period of time, it’s likely your bathroom is filled with expired items or medicine that you have forgotten about. If you can’t tell if something is expired due to a faded sticker, don’t risk it and just throw it away. Just make sure you dispose of your medications appropriately so that you don’t harm the environment.

You should keep only the medicine which you will need in the future and which are in the right condition. Sorting out the medicines requires a lot of your time therefore you should start the process of sorting medicines sooner than later. Decluttering your home pre-packing will make the packing process a less frustrating task.


One of the most important elements of any bathroom are the toiletries…aka…the stuff that leaks. Properly close all the lids, and as mentioned before, find a way to ensure those lids are on shut. Tape and any extra plastic bags gathering dust under your sink will help you tremendously.

Cleaning Agents and Other Chemicals 

The bathroom usually contains many hazard items and some of your cleaning agents may be too dangerous to move—especially if you’re doing a cross country move. It’s definitely best to properly dispose of all your cleaning agents and paint thinners and just buy new when you get to your new place.

Additional Packing Tips

  • When it comes to your bathroom, don’t use large boxes. Small boxes are best.
  • Make sure you write fragile on all of your bathroom boxes.
  • Use your bathroom towels as extra protection for your breakables.

Whether you are doing a home improvement project in your bathroom and need to temporarily remove your bathroom belonging or you are about to move into a new home, we hope these moving tips have been helpful.

*Photos by Karolina Grabowska