The Ultimate Guide to the Different Types of Underwear for Women

Posted June 3, 2022 by in Fashion

Did you know that the average American woman owns about 21 pairs of underwear? Ten percent of women own around 35 pairs. There’s another interesting fact where that came from—the types of underwear you choose might even reveal something about you. For example, women who wear white cotton panties tend to be no-frills, low-maintenance types. Women who wear g-strings tend to be more adventurous in bed and feel more uninhibited. With the rise of modifying seamless underwear, the link between underwear and personality traits has become less straightforward. Some women prefer the comfort and support of seamless underwear, while others may opt for more revealing styles. Of course, you might be a woman who wears white cotton underwear and is totally comfortable with your sexuality. Regardless of the type of underwear worn, it’s important to remember one thing. Us women are complex individuals with diverse personalities and preferences!

To celebrate that complexity, there are several panty options available—a pair to suit everybody and their unique needs. If you need new lingerie, consider one of the following undergarment options. 

Woman wearing Calvin Klein underwear sitting up in bed


Not to be confused with thongs, G-strings are just that—strings.They’re similar to a thong, but the piece of material is much thinner. There’s a narrow strip to cover your nether regions, a strip that goes between your cheeks, and a waistband to hold it all up. That’s about it!

Briefs (Regular, Low-Rise, and Hight-Cut)

Briefs provide some of the most coverage. Your bum is fully covered with the only variation between pairs referring to the cut.

A regular cut sits around the hips. A low-rise cut starts below the hips but still covers the butt. High-cut briefs go above the hips and can even rest near the belly button.

Refer to this page for some great examples! 


As the name implies, hipsters hug the hips, making them a more low-rise option. They’re the perfect combination of a bikini and boy shorts. 

The bum coverage is usually medium to full. This, combined with the lower rise, makes for a flattering pair of underwear!

Boy Shorts

Again, the name informs the style here—boy shorts are fitted, comfortable underwear shaped like shorts.

Boy shorts have great coverage. They can expose the bottom of the cheeks a little bit or come down the leg a couple of inches. 


Many women find thongs to be comfortable (especially if the fabric is wide enough to hold it all in) because of the lack of fabric, which in other pairs can become bunched up.

Thongs are g-strings with a little more fabric to them. They can be narrow or wider, depending on the pair, and can sit high or low. Thongs are a great choice if you’re wearing something that you want to hide your panty line in. High waisted thong underwear is a great option for pantsuits or tight formal clothing as it provides a smooth, clean fit with no panty lines.

Boxer Shorts

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Bikinis are similar to hipster underwear but most pairs have a higher-cut leg in the front.

The back tends to be full-coverage, but can also be more on the cheeky side, depending on the pair. It’s also got higher coverage in the back than a hipster cut.


Finally, cheekies are a flirtier version of a hipster. 

They have a similar cut around the hip and legs, but the back coverage exposes your butt cheeks, usually about halfway. 

One Woman, Many Types of Underwear

Women’s underwear, like women themselves, comes in all shapes and sizes. You might wear briefs throughout the week and then pull out your cheekies for the weekend. You may save your g-string for a confidence booster on date night. You may sleep in your boy shorts because they’re your most comfortable pair.

In other words, one woman can own all types of underwear! We hope this guide offered some insight into the different styles and underwear options available.

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