The Ultimate in Luxury: An Inside Look at the World’s Most Expensive Watches

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Even if you can’t afford a multi-million dollar timepiece, it’s still fun to dream. Check out this inside look into the world’s most expensive watches:

Everyone likes to accessorize sometimes, and everyone wants to know the best ways to make themselves look stylish. The ultra-rich are no exception. Everyone’s budget is different, and though you’ve probably never met them, there are people out there who wear watches worth more than your car, home, and lifelong investments… combined.

If you’re interested in the way the one percent live, you only need to look at their wrists to know that they lead a vastly different lifestyle than the rest of us.

Here, we’re going to tell you about the most expensive watches in the world, and you can answer the ultimate question for yourself: is fashion worth it?

Investments in Metal

When you’re picking out jewelry like watches, one of the questions you probably ask yourself is what kind of metal you want it to be made of. When you wonder about this, you’re likely trying to find something both quality and cost-effective.

Your budget might allow for gold, silver, or even diamonds in small amounts, but for the person who’s looking at buying one of these watches, the nicest thing you can even dream of affording is only a cheap bauble. This is pretty disheartening, but it goes to show you how some people out there live the high life!

Chopard Janus Watch

A watch that some such people might buy if they’re trying to shop cheap is the Chopard Janus Watch. This watch costs around 484,000 USD, so it’s basically the ring pop of watches to the people who are looking at this list as prospective buyers.

This watch is gorgeous, though. Chopard won watch of the year in 2017, so you know that they’re a great watchmaking company, and in 2018 they came back with something even more exclusive: the Janus all-in-one watch.

Only twenty of these watches exist, 10 in platinum and 10 in rose gold. It’s got two dials, and it can also tell you things like the date and even astrological reports.

Hublot Big Bang

Another one of the less expensive watches for the laughably wealthy is the Hublot Big Bang. This watch costs only 5 million dollars, and what’s a few million in comparison to simple hundreds of thousands? 

This watch totes a total of 1,282 diamonds. Baguette, emerald-cut, and rose-cut diamonds give the band its unique look and beautiful shape. That enough would let it make the list, but it also is completely encrusted in white gold. 

Even the cheapest watches made for those living the high life are made to perfection!

Expensive Watches Are… Expensive

The next cheapest of these watches is the billionaire watch. You’re probably questioning why it’s called that if it’s the next cheapest watch on this list, but in reality, it’s only a measly 18 million dollars. For someone who’s a billionaire and can afford the billionaire watch, this is still pocket change.

The brand behind this watch is Jacob and Co, and they’ve truly designed something great here. The strap of this watch is almost entirely encrusted with diamonds, and the face is beautiful, too. It has hands in a great shade of blue, and the face is partly see-through so you can watch it tick.

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One Amazing Pocket Watch

One of the single most expensive watches in the world has a running rate of 30 million dollars. This is by far too much to spend on any accessory, but if anything were worth it, we have to admit that it would be this incredible pocket watch.

The Breguet Grande Complication Marie-Antoinette has an ostentatious name, but it has a design gorgeous enough that the name is forgivable. A father and son made it over the course of 45 years, and the father was rumored to be a lover of Marie Antoinette. From 1782 to 1827, this watch was in the works, and that work shows: it indeed is a magnificent piece of art.

This pocket watch’s exterior is entirely gold, and the face is clear. This lets the intricate machinery of the inside be on full display. You can watch as golden gears turn and move the thin, black hands around the face, and marvel in how wonderfully put together this timepiece is.

Colorful Bling

Yet another watch by Chopard makes its way on this list. They really did deserve that award. This watch is by far the most colorful one on this list, and it has a lot of huge diamonds around the band that make it beautiful.

The twist here is that all of these diamonds are in different colors. The 201 Carat Watch is covered in 15-carat pink, 12-carat blue, and 11-carat white diamonds, plus it has some yellow diamonds in it to boot. The only thing objectionable about this watch is that the face is really tiny, and because of the colors, it blends into the background.

This means that it isn’t exactly effective when it comes to telling time. Even so, it’s worth a whopping 55 million dollars. But if you’re really rich and into gaudy accessories, it stands to reason that the actual telling of time is beside the point. You’d probably have all the time in the world, anyway.

Extreme Accessorizing

Now you can say you’ve learned something today: there are people out there who are wandering around casually with a watch worth more money than you can ever dream of seeing. These people clearly aren’t in need of a debt management plan, but since you’re already thinking about money, you might like to check out this page to get one yourself.

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