The Ultimate Wedding Day— 10 Must-Have Things

Posted June 11, 2021 by in Lifestyle

A wedding is one of the most celebrated occasions of one’s life. People usually navigate their wedding planning efforts to make the event as memorable as possible. They always dream of their wedding day being beautiful and stress-free through careful organization and management. However, things can take a turn for the worse if the day isn’t planned in advanced.

For a perfect wedding day, it is essential organize accordingly. If you are knee deep in wedding planning stress, below are the must-haves so you can plan your wedding day with as little stress as possible:

Must-Haves For the Ultimate Wedding Ceremony

  1. Wedding Budget

Budget plays a pivotal role for all occasions and events as the cost is probably the most significant factor in planning for the big day. It determines the scope as well as constraints. All other wedding day prerequisites depend upon the availability of the allocated budget. That is the reason couples usually spend enough time reserving finances and managing the wedding cost

  1. Wedding Theme

Once you have a budget in place and you have your ideal guest list all done, everything else will become easier to plan. As for the wedding theme, there are several options. For example, some people like vintage-style weddings in the countryside. Others envision a modern-style ceremony.

If you’re unsure of the theme/vibe of your wedding day, it’s crucial you do your research to find your ideal aesthetic. To do this, look at a variety of bridal magazines and websites.

Couples may also decide to get assistance from professional wedding planners to help them design the vibe of their wedding if their budget allows it.

  1. Wedding Outfit

The wedding outfit is an unavoidable part of the wedding event as nothing else matters more than the perfect suit and the perfect wedding dress. That means all couples should give themselves enough time to purchase or rent their wedding outfits. Usually couples pick outfits that match their wedding theme and location. Lastly don’t forget about wedding jewelry!

Consider exploring unique options, like a plus size bohemian wedding dress, to reflect your style and make a statement on your special day. Finding the right wedding outfit for you and your loved one can be a meaningful journey, allowing you to express your uniqueness and tell your love story authentically.

A bride in a limo looking at her flower bouqet.

  1. Wedding Invitations

Some of the specific chores on the wedding checklist include creating a wedding guest list and sending out invites. The traditional conduct of a wedding ceremony requires the presence of family and friends from both sides. Therefore, carefully crafted invitations should be delivered well in advance to avoid last moment trouble.

You must keep in mind that weddings are also expensive for your guests as well. They may need to take time off of work, fly (or drive) a long distance, purchase wedding guest attire, and plan for your wedding gift, so it’s very important you let them know your wedding date ASAP so they can budget and plan accordingly.

  1. Wedding Venue

The venue selection depends on the wedding theme, budget, number of guests, and the season. Once you’ve figured out these variables, you may go on to the next step—giving a down payment to reserve your wedding date.

Once you have booked your venue, it’s time to start planning and organizing and booking everything else with your remaining budget—flowers, cake, furniture, photography, decor, DJ, food and your beauty team just to name a few (more on those later…).

  1. Ceremony Schedule

Drafting a proper wedding schedule is a necessary component of the wedding planning process. The ceremony will only operate successfully if each event part gets well planned. Similarly, the timetable makes it easy for visitors to understand the day’s itinerary and the sequencing of each component.

  1. Menu of the Day

Food is undoubtedly one of the must-haves of any occasion. For a wedding this includes a full meal, a wedding cake, drinks, and appetizers. The amount and food choice will depend on your remaining budget. After the venue, food and alcohol are usually the most costly aspect of wedding planning so this should be planned and booked immediately after you reserve your wedding venue so you can stay within your budget.

The last thing you want to do is plan and book everything else before the food as going over budget is likely not what you want.

  1. Entertainment

The music and dancing are the two things your guests are going to remember most, so definitely book a good DJ or band. If you have done a good job at staying within your budget and you have some money left over, consider booking a performer of some sort—a magician, salsa performers, or even a cigar roller. The more entertainment you have, the more engaged your guests will be.

If your budget is too low to hire a performer, there are still a lot of ways to offer fun entertainment. You could make a wedding slideshow or you could do your own DIY photo booth.

  1. Presents and Handouts

Usually, family and friends bring gifts for the couple to add extra smiles to their faces, but it’s tradition to give something to your guests as well. Common wedding favors are wine glasses with your wedding date on them and candy, but there are a lot of wedding favor options out there.

  1.  Capturing the Moment(s)

Finally, the ultimate wedding is incomplete if there are no memories to treasure for the rest of your life. Events become more memorable when they get preserved permanently. As a result, photography and videography are unavoidable necessities on the big day.

It is crucial to ponder over how you want your wedding day captured. The couple’s expectations will determine if they need to hire a specialist photographer or the job can get done by family or friends.

The perfectly captured ceremony can only be possible if you instruct the photographer properly—but not too much as you should hire a photographer that has an aesthetic that aligns with your own.

The photos that guests take with their phones are also going to be special and meaningful to you as they will show you your wedding day through their eyes. To make sure you don’t miss any of them, be sure to ask your guests to use your wedding hashtag. That way you can easy find those photos on Instagram.

A bride and groom sharing their first kiss on their wedding day.

A wedding is undeniably a special day in a couple’s life. Therefore, preparing a checklist of the wedding must-haves is crucial to have an enthralling and unforgettable experience. It’s advisable to organize and plan as soon as possible to avoid any last minute stressors.

*Photos by Jonathan Borba