The Wellness Perks of an Outdoor Pool

Posted January 6, 2023 by in Home

If you take a look at Australia’s population distribution, you will notice that most Australians live on the coast. This affinity for living close to the water seems to come naturally. However, even with the majority of the country’s major cities being located near the water, not everyone can have a waterfront home. So, they opt for the next best thing: outdoor swimming pools.

Outdoor pools are becoming more commonplace every year- and with good reason. They offer numerous benefits to the property and its owners. In fact, more and more people are becoming aware of the health and wellness benefits of having an outdoor pool. Hence it is time for you to clue in as well. You can also consider adding shade structures over the swimming pool to give it a more contemporary look.

Benefits Of An Outdoor Pool.

A swimming pool is an investment, not only in your home’s value but also in your well-being. Not convinced? Here are some of the wellness advantages you can get from your home’s outdoor pool:

A Stress-Relieving Space

Swimming is widely known to have a long-lasting, therapeutic impact. Moreover, besides the physical benefits, it boosts overall mental wellness by increasing vitamin D and endorphin levels.

Fact: Swimming entails a specific physical and breathing method very similar to the calming practices employed in meditation and yoga, aside from any biochemical differences in the brain. As proof of this assertion, consider that proper swimming form requires you to cycle between tensing and relaxing various muscles while taking deep breaths in and out (and occasionally holding them).

Additionally, the peaceful surroundings under warm sunshine and cool water all promote complete relaxation.

Great For Fitness

Swimming is an extraordinarily efficient form of exercise that enhances cardiovascular fitness, endurance and muscle strength – no wonder more people are installing pools with swim jets.

Diving into cool water can enhance the above effects. How? Swimming in chilly water necessitates more physical effort and a higher heart rate for your body to stay warm. It pushes your body to work twice as hard to maintain heat- a change that may raise your metabolism by up to 550% over resting levels. Therefore, swimming in cooler weather burns significantly more calories than in warmer weather.

Additionally, swimming decreases tension and doesn’t impact your joints as much as running or jogging can. Other health benefits include calorie burning, higher vitality, improved heart health, and weight loss. Moreover, studies show that children can keep to a regular bedtime by participating in aquatic activities.

Catalyses Social Wellness And Privacy

Another key advantage of an outdoor home pool is privacy. You no longer have to be worried about strangers staring at you when wearing your favourite swimsuit. In addition, you gain all the freedom and ease to cool off whenever the summer heat peaks.

Beyond personal privacy, an outdoor pool in the home can also be the ideal gathering spot. Swimming pools are a great way to strengthen family ties as they provide a space where everyone can congregate to enjoy hot summer days. Then, on a bright, clear day, everyone can delight in having fun, splashing around or relaxing in cool, sparkling water. 

Having a swimming pool will make your home the gathering place of choice, making you the most sought-after host!

A Longer, Happier Life

A long, happy life is the ultimate goal for many. So, consider that swimmers typically have about a 50% lower death risk than those who participate in other exercises, like walkers, runners and those who don’t exercise.

There is no question that installing a swimming pool is a very advantageous undertaking. An outdoor pool’s health benefits only enhance this effect. Therefore, it may be time to consider purchasing a pool for your home.  

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