The Women Who Revolutionized the Nursing Industry

Posted July 9, 2020 by in Career
nurse washing hands

Nursing has certainly changed significantly since the 1800s, and we should be thankful to all those who played a part in getting us to where we are today. We’re very fortunate that many of us have access to a healthcare system, and nurses are individuals who play an active role in that. They not only provide the job of caring for patients, but they also become a source of comfort for those in emotional need as well as physical.

It’s important to understand and look back on our history where we can. There were many women who were influential when it came to nursing, and so Marymount University Nursing has created an infographic to celebrate them.

Understanding who they are and how they pioneered the nursing field that we see in our modern-day society is important. We must continue to pass down this information for future generations to acknowledge and pay appreciation for them.

Some of the few mentioned on the infographic are perhaps some you know and some you might not. The most iconic and famous of nurses being Florence Nightingale who showed the value of trained nurses by saving many soldiers during the Crimean War. And then you have someone like Mary Mahoney who changed history by being the first black registered nurse in the US. She also helped co-found the National Association Of Colored Graduate Nurses in 1908.

All those mentioned in the infographic certainly helped change history for the better, and it’s important to continue to celebrate their achievements in the nursing profession:

Infographic Design By Marymount University Nursing

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