These Are the Top RFID Applications for Your Business

Posted November 19, 2021 by in Career

RFID is “radio frequency identification”. It captures the digital information encoded in smart labels. It also captures the RFID tags using a radio wave reader. The RFID works the same way as the magnetic strip or a bar code on an ATM works. 

RFID works better than ATM magnetic strips and barcodes. It doesn’t need to be next to the scanner like a barcode for it to work. It can also scan more than a single object at a time. 

The printable RFID labels can vary depending on the specifications and the activities of the label. The RFID label for jewelry products will differ from the FRID label for returnable transport units (RTU).

The Common RFID Applications

The design of the RFID solutions is to ease the tracing of people, things and animals. Each activity or business will need a unique RFID system. The following are the common application of these RFID systems.

Supply Chain Management

The RFID in the supply chain boosts global logistics. It also boosts efficiency via the automation of the tracking and identification process. The large retail companies and their suppliers make their products with RFID labels. These RFID systems promote better and faster service. They also provide greater shipment accuracy and limited stock breakages. The benefits result in process optimization, document streamlining, cost-saving and bigger economic gains. 

Retail Application

The RFID technology boosts better client satisfaction to boost sales. The technology also increases security in item tracking. It eliminates loss and theft and also fights counterfeits. 

The logistics between distribution centers, manufacturers and stores are more effective. They are also agile because of the RFID system. The application of RFID has revolutionized e-commerce.

The RFID system has become essential for the jewelry, cosmetics and fashion industries. 

Hospitals (Health Industry)

The RFID system has revolutionized the management and monitoring of people and assets in hospitals. The RFID technology in the health industry is indispensable. It continues to grow in the health sector. 

The system is useful to mark disposable surgical tools and the surgery themselves. It also controls the staff and patient access to various hospitals areas. It links patients with their history data stored in the RFID label. 

Access Control

Organizations, companies and institutions need systems of traceability. These labels also aid in access control in their buildings. The system aids in the collection of valuable data and the security of people management. The access control features are also applicable in lock doors, saving energy. 

Baggage and Aviation Control

The management and tracking of baggage in air transport is safer, easier, and effective. It’s all because of RFID technology. 

Sport Timing

The RFID technology boosts the keeping of participants timings. It also aids in timing other sporting events. 

Files, Libraries and Document Control

Library management and documentation have been manual work for a long time. When the RFID system came in, it gave the books a unique identification number. Tracking now becomes effective and precise. The entire task in the libraries now becomes less tedious.


The RFID labels can aid in tracking animal health and movement on a farm. It ensures that all animals consume the correct food. The manual monitoring of animal health is expensive and time-consuming. The RFID technology is economical and faster. 

Jeweler Tracking

The RFID labels manage the security challenges in the jewelry sector. The tagging with RFID enables tracking from the factory to the distribution centers. 

The RFID labelling technology has wide use in the many sectors in the different sections.