Things Customers Expect in an Artificial Turf and What to Know as a Turf Distributor

Posted December 16, 2022 by in Lifestyle
artificial turf

As a turf distributor, you are uniquely positioned to know the ins and outs of the artificial turf industry. Artificial turf has become increasingly popular due to its low maintenance and environmental benefits. Customers have an abundance of options when selecting the ideal artificial turf for their project. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the five key expectations of customers when it comes to artificial turf and what turf distributors should be aware of to ensure customer satisfaction. So, whether you are an experienced turf distributor or just getting started in the industry, this post will provide you with the right information to ensure customer satisfaction.

artificial turf

Quality of Materials

Customers want to ensure they get the highest quality product when purchasing artificial turf. As a turf distributor, it’s important to know the materials you are selling and answer your customers’ questions. Customers want to know what kinds of fibers are used, the quality of backing, and the UV protection applied to the turf. 

You should explain what kind of infill is used, the quality of the installation, and the warranty offered. By providing your customers with all the necessary information, you can help them make an informed decision. Click here to learn more about artificial turf. 


The material used for the turf is vital in determining how long the turf will last and how much traffic it can take. Many turf distributors use high-quality polyethylene fiber to withstand wear and tear while making it soft and comfortable. The backing material must also be of excellent quality and have solid construction. A good turf distributor will ensure these materials are of the highest quality and stand up to the toughest tests.

Safety Requirements

You should be aware of a few safety requirements before selling your turf. First, artificial turf must meet flammability standards by the Consumer Product Safety Commission. You should also ensure the turf does not contain hazardous materials like lead or other chemicals. 

The turf should be properly installed. If done poorly, it can pose a safety hazard. You must also ensure the turf has the proper drainage system, as poor drainage can lead to puddles of standing water and the potential for slips and falls.

Easy Installation

Customers want a hassle-free installation for their artificial turf. Turf distributors need to ensure the installation process is smooth and efficient. Distributors should ensure that the customer or a professional installer can easily install the artificial turf they offer. 

Have a detailed instruction guide as a part of customer service. Consider offering installation services, either directly or through partnerships with professional installers. 

Maintenance Requirements

Be upfront with your customers about maintenance requirements for artificial turf installation. Customers should know that all turfs need regular upkeep, including brushing, cleaning, and deodorizing. To keep the turf looking and performing its best, it should also be washed and dried, then treated with a protective sealant every one to three years. 

Moreover, any infill materials used in the turf should be replaced regularly. By providing customers with this information, they can make an informed decision.

Understanding what customers expect from artificial turf is essential for turf distributors to be successful. Customers want turf that looks and feels natural, is safe and durable, requires minimal maintenance, is cost-effective, and is made with eco-friendly materials. By meeting customer expectations, turf distributors can ensure that they provide the best products and services and build trust with customers.