Things to Consider When Purchasing a New or Used Motorcycle

Posted June 19, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Some people have owned many bikes, for some they may be considering their first purchase, based upon the experience of those that have been there, done that and acquired a few t-shirts on the way this article will offer some things to consider before jumping into bed with a potential nightmare machine.

Being Smart Pays Off

Smart traders are able to make sound purchases by making checks prior to purchase and their experience will have given them the ability to notice potential pitfalls that others may not see. If you are buying a new or used machine there are some really affordable options available, have a quick look at, try and take a friend or contact who has been through the process a few times, enabling them to be in a position of buying bikes and making money when they sell them on.

Nothing Worse Than a ‘Virtual’ Kick in the Teeth

Some of us feel a false sense of pride and regardless of the warning signs, go ahead and start viewing bikes with little to no knowledge or experience to help them make sounds purchase. They might be lucky but, there is always that chance of buying a ‘burner’, normally not realising the extent of any problems until there are half way down the road heading home or even a few weeks later something drastic might happen that could have easily have been identified with the right support prior to purchase. Tail will likely be docked between legs, sworn never to make the same mistake again.

Too Much Detail Can Be Too Much and We’re Not All Mechanically Minded

Not everybody has the time, patients nor desire to learn about the machines that they are looking to buy and ride, a real shame because there is a new world available in terms of self-maintenance, upgrading and generally looking after your machine yourself. If there is some kind of health issue that prevents you from being as involved as you would like to be then have a read of this blog about CBD, there could be some useful solutions there.

If you can take an active part of your machines maintenance then you will have a real bond with your machine and a feel for when tweaks are needed that you may have been oblivious to before. Click here for reasons why being physically active is good for our overall well-being.

If You Are Still Not Sold on the Idea of Becoming One with Your Machine….

There are some simple checks that you can do that shouldn’t require you lifting a finger, ask as many questions as you like, most enthusiasts will be more than happy to tell you all about their once pride and joy. If a seller is genuine and selling a good quality bike with no hidden surprises then they will be happy to share things like service history and any other information that you should need to know.

Of course, you need to have a valid driving licence for the bike you have chosen, plus insurance and protective clothing and then you are all set to experience two wheeled transport.

*Photo by cottonbro