Things to Keep In Mind When Driving in School Zones

Posted January 17, 2023 by in Lifestyle

As the school year gets underway, it’s important to remember some key things when driving in school zones. With more children on the roads and around schools, it’s crucial to be extra careful and vigilant. Here are a few things to remember when driving in school zones.

Obey the posted speed limit

Obeying the posted speed limit is essential for maintaining safe roadways, particularly in school zones. In California, the default speed limit in school zones is 25 mph, though some areas may have a slower or faster speed limit. If you ask yourself, “are Sacramento school zones safe?” the answer usually depends on how well drivers obey the speed limit. When vehicles exceed the speed limit, motor vehicle accidents become more likely. Drivers must be aware of their surroundings at all times- by going over the limit, they risk becoming oblivious to possible hazards. Furthermore, when an individual drives at a high rate of speed and hits another car or pedestrian, there is a higher potential for severe injury or death due to the impact force of two bodies colliding at such a fast velocity.

Watch for children walking or biking to school

Children walk or bike to school for their morning commute every day, but drivers need to stay alert to keep them safe. It’s essential to watch for children crossing the road, riding a bike, or even walking around the neighborhood. Always observe the speed limit in residential and school zones, as children are unpredictable and easily distracted. Be aware of parked cars obscuring a child trying to make their way across the street, too. With proper attention and caution, drivers can ensure everybody makes it through each school day without incident.

Be extra cautious when making turns

Drivers should always ensure they understand the rules of the road and observe them at all times, especially when making turns in school zones. When making a turn, it’s important to remember to use your turn signals so that other drivers are aware of your intentions. Additionally, take the time to check for oncoming traffic before proceeding with the turn. It’s crucial to adhere to the speed limit when making a turn, as going too fast can cause you to lose control of your vehicle and possibly result in catastrophic outcomes. Taking extra precautions when turning is essential for everyone’s safety – following these practices could mean the difference between life and death.

Yield to pedestrians who are crossing the street

As drivers, it is essential to remember to share the road with pedestrians, especially in school zones. Yielding to pedestrians when they are crossing the street can go a long way in keeping them safe and promoting safe driving behavior. Every time you see someone at a crosswalk, slow down and allow them time to make their way in front of your car safely. This common courtesy could save somebody’s life and may even brighten their day, knowing that drivers are out there respecting their right of way. It is always beneficial to show extra courtesy while driving, not only when yielding at crosswalks. Doing so will create a safer environment for all road users.

Don’t block the crosswalk when you’re stopped at a light

As a driver, being aware of your surroundings when stopped at a light is crucial. Not only can other cars and pedestrians catch you off guard, but if you block the crosswalk, pedestrians, particularly students, must step into traffic to get around you. This not only puts them in danger but also can lead to legal consequences for you. By keeping an attentive eye on the traffic both beside and ahead of you and avoiding the urge to creep forward while stopped at a light, everybody can ensure that crosswalks are clear and the pedestrians crossing them are safe and sound.

Keep an eye out for school buses, and be prepared to stop

It’s essential to be aware and cautious when driving, especially around school buses. Children may cross the street or wait for the bus during school. As drivers, you must ensure students’ safety by constantly slowing down and being alert when approaching school zones. Not only do you want to watch out for the buses, but student pedestrians as well since they’re still learning to cross streets safely.

As the school year begins, it’s essential to keep kids’ safety in mind when driving near schools. Be mindful of children walking or biking to school, obey posted speed limits, and be cautious when making turns. Remember to yield to pedestrians crossing the street, and don’t block the crosswalk when you’re stopped at a light. You should also be prepared to stop for buses carrying precious cargo. By following these tips, everybody can do their part in keeping kids safe as they head back to school.

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