Things to Think About When Organizing Your DIY Move in LA

Posted March 31, 2021 by in Lifestyle

Moving from one place to another, even if it’s just a few blocks away, can bring a much-needed breath of fresh air into your life. But that doesn’t mean the process itself is fun. In fact, if anything, moving is quite stressful and requires detailed planning and preparation. And that’s especially true if you’re doing everything yourself.

Now, add to all that moving into a large city like LA, and you might quickly become overwhelmed. That’s why we’ve asked Los Angeles movers, Oz Moving, to give us a few tips for a successful move. And here is what they told us!

tips on moving in Los Angeles

Think of the Moving Timeline

DIY moving comes with certain advantages, the biggest one being that you are your own boss. You can decide to move when it suits you best and do things at your own pace. However, if you don’t want the move to plunge into chaos, you need to make a proper schedule.

That means you should start planning a few months in advance. Write down what you need to do and how much time you plan to dedicate to each step. Then, it might be good to choose a precise date of the move — that way, you’ll be less likely to slack off. In fact, you might even hire a moving truck ahead of time to make sure you have to stick to the schedule.

If your new destination needs remodeling—try getting that done before move-in to keep your stress levels to a minimum.

Set Up a Budget

Buying a new home and furniture for it won’t be the only expenses you’ll have during the move. In fact, the very moving process can be quite pricey. It may not seem like it at first, but consider all the boxes, bubble wrap, truck rentals, fuel prices, and parking fees that await you. And if you’re hiring someone to help you, you’ll need to pay for their services too.

So, how much money should you set aside for a move? Well, it’s hard to tell, but if you’re not moving far away, around $1,000 should suffice. Long-distance moves are a different story, though — they can cost up to several thousand dollars. Ultimately, you need to make a list of everything you’ll need and write down how much you expect them to cost. That will give you a rough idea of the budget.

Choose What to Take With You

Moving gives you a good opportunity to get rid of things you no longer need. After all, you’re likely to buy new items and furniture for your new home. So, take a walk around your house and make lists of things you need, things with sentimental value, and items you could do without. 

Once you’ve done that, decide which of the items you don’t need can be donated and which have to be thrown away. Try to donate or give away as many things as possible — it’s better for the environment.

Start Packing Early

Packing is perhaps the most difficult part of moving. You have to figure out how to fit your belongings into boxes, how to avoid breaking anything, which room to begin with… It’s a whole science in its own right! So, you better start early — at least a month before the big day. 

Don’t forget to first pack things you don’t often use, though. For instance, you can put paintings, decorative tea sets, and heirlooms in boxes at the very beginning of the packing process. Then, as the moving day comes closer, start storing away the non-essential items you use more frequently. Finally, in the last few days before the move, you should pack the essentials you can’t function without.

And remember — if you have trouble packing at any point, you can always hire professionals to help. Large and fragile items can be difficult to store properly, so it’s often safer to bring someone who’s done it before.

Hire a Moving Truck in Advance

As we’ve mentioned, hiring a moving truck early can help you stay on schedule with your packing and planning. But that’s not all. In a place like LA, moving companies have a lot of work, so you risk not finding any available trucks if you call too late. And that’s bound to only add to your stress!

So, we’d advise you to find and hire a moving company two months in advance — as soon as you start planning and scheduling. If not then, you can call later too, but make sure to do so at least a month before the move. However, expect that the best movers will already be booked by that time, so your choices will be more limited.

Plan the Trip

Moving to a new city, especially one of LA’s size, requires some extra planning. After all, you want to get there as quickly as possible and spend as little money on fuel as you can. To do that, you can’t just jump into the truck and drive wherever the road takes you. 

Instead, you should spend some time planning out the route, the stops, and trying to predict potential issues. If you think you might need to stay the night in some hotel along the way, give it a call and make reservations. That way, your whole move will be far more enjoyable!

Now you know what things to consider before your move, so you’ll be better prepared for what’s to come. Don’t leave anything up to chance, and don’t procrastinate — that can only lead to more issues along the way.