Things You Need to Know about Ray-Ban Sunglasses

Posted February 18, 2022 by in Fashion

Bausch and Lomb in New York introduced the historic eyewear brand Ray-Ban in 1937. Since then, Ray-Ban introduced their iconic eyewear in the market. Ray-Ban introduced classic American and retro-style frames. Ray-Ban sunglasses are handcrafted in the beautiful Italy with high quality materials. Luxottica is the main manufactured of Ray-Ban eyewear and other top eyewear brands like Persol, Oliver People, Prada, and Arnette eyewear.

Ray-Ban launches several styled glasses every year. There are a lot of new frame designs with different color lenses that can help correct and protect every vision issue:

Ray-Ban Wayfarers

Initially presented in 1952, and within no time, Ray-Ban wayfarers held a place among the most popular eyewear designs. The frame is strong and can be found in quality plastic or acetate. The wayfarer has its charm with the brand logo on both temples and two minor oval shape metals on the front side. The lenses can be polarized or mirrored, with a variety of stylish colors to fit any look.  

Aviator Sunglasses

Since their introduction in the market by Bausch and Lomb in 1936, these specially designed glasses were first introduced for military use. After their breakthrough in the fashion industry, the aviator is well-known around the world. The sunglasses can be characterized by a dark or light lenses, having a larger frame size, with a metal frame with double or triple bridge, and flexible temples. The lens used in these frames is slightly convex. The structure covers the whole eye area and gives eye maximum protection and glare protection.

Aviator glasses became popular in the 1950s, but the popularity of aviators became enormous in the 1970s and 1980s with different colored frames and frames designs. 

Round Metal Ray-Bans

Round Metal sunglasses by Ray-Ban resemble the retro style of the 60s. Round glasses were worn by the most icon faces of the time and have been a recurring frame design that many have loved.   These shape frames come in metal features with green lens and thin gold or grey wire. Originally the lenses were slightly convex, but a flat option is also available for flat lens glasses lovers. Flat lenses give a more opaque look.

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Double Bridge Ray-Ban Glasses

These glasses have a strip over the nose and thin composite which surrounds the lens. These sunglasses look more bold and are a forward fashion design. For the past few decades a number of celebrities have rocked these frame designs, like Tom Cruise. If someone wants to look elegant and modern, you should try Double bridge Ray-Ban glasses.  These glasses are a great unisex pair of glasses and are usually in rounded metal frames with different colored lenses. These are manufactured in Italy with lightweight metallic alloys. Mostly mirrored glasses are used in these models, as mirror lenses are fantastic to provide UV protection.

Ray-Ban continues to lead the way in new lens technology with exceptional optics and UV protection. An iconic brand that has been a vital element of pop culture and Hollywood.

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