Think You Need Glasses? Here’s What to Do!

Posted January 12, 2016 by in Lifestyle

Finding out that you need to wear glasses can be a pain. Many people need to have their vision corrected, whether it’s to help them read or see in the distance. You wouldn’t be alone in needing glasses, but that doesn’t mean you want to wear them. However, how do you even tell whether you should get glasses or not? And once it’s determined, what should your next moves be?

A lot of people aren’t sure about when they should go for an eye test. And if they need a prescription, they don’t know whether to get glasses or contact lenses. This guide will help you through the steps:

Think You Need Glasses? Here's What to Do!  // #brokeandchic

Signs You Need Glasses

A trip to get your eyes tested can be expensive, and no one likes wasting money. You don’t want to go only to be told you have perfect 20/20 vision. However, it’s not a good idea to put off a test if you think you might need glasses. As well as seeing if you need a prescription, it can pick up on other issues too.

So when should you go and get your eyes tested? Signs to watch out for include blurred or wavy vision. If you’re getting frequent headaches, it could be a clue that you need glasses. Your eyes might also feel tired or sore, or you could find it hard to focus.

Getting an Eye Test

If you think you need an eye test, you first need to find somewhere to go. You might already have an eye doctor you use for regular tests. If you don’t, it should be easy to find one who suits you. You should call and make an appointment for the test, which shouldn’t take too long. When you go in, the eye doctor will perform a variety of tests to check your vision. They will see how well you can see up close and from a distance. Other tests to check the health of your eyes can include testing the pressure by blowing air into your eye.

Don’t have vision insurance? Stores like Target and Walmart typically offer eye exams for less than $100. When it comes to getting your prescription frames, consider using a

Choose Some Glasses

If your eye doctor decides you need a prescription, you’ll need some glasses. Even if you want to get contact lenses later, you’ll still need a pair of eyeglasses too. Pick some out that complement your face with both their shape and color. But don’t get too caught up in what they look like. You have to think of practicality too. For example, you might find that plastic frames are more comfortable for you to wear.

You should also look into using a service like Warby Parker or Coastal. On both sites, you can easily find prescription lenses with on-trend frames for under $95.

Get Fitted for Contact Lenses

As well as glasses, many people want to use contact lenses. They’re more convenient for a lot of people who need vision correction. If you want them, you have to have a separate fitting to find the right ones for you. First you will be checked to see if you can wear them. If you can, you will be given Acuvue contact lenses or another popular brand. You will learn how to put them in and take them out. Once you have tried them for a while, you can start wearing them more often.

You might not be happy if you need glasses, but you’re not alone. What you can do though, to make it a bit easier, is try to find some deals to help you save money. Or if you really don’t want to wear glasses, you can have a look into laser surgery. This is more expensive, and you should do proper research first, but it could be the perfect solution.


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