Thinking About A Driving Career? Here Are Some Things To Consider

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There aren’t too many female commercial drivers on our roads these days. For whatever reason, the profession is still dominated by men. With that in mind, ladies who like to break molds and think outside of the box might enjoy a job of that nature. However, there are some things you will need to consider before getting started:

Thinking About A Driving Career? Here Are Some Things To Consider //

The cost of starting a driving career

Unless you’re very lucky, you’ll have to cover the costs of starting your new career. As the infographic shows, you need different licences and trucking permits to work as a commercial driver. Some companies might offer the training, but most will expect you to become qualified before submitting an application.

The day to day realities of a driving career

You need to think about the day to day realities before getting started. You will spend most of your working life traveling around the country alone. That is not ideal for people with social commitments and responsibilities. However, it’s perfect for those who like solitude.

The earnings you could make in a driving career

Most commercial drivers will earn a good wage from day one. Those who decide to work for international firms will usually earn more. That is because you might have to drive across continents to deliver your loads.

Working in the driving profession is very different from traditional jobs. You’ll never have to worry about arguments with your boss because you won’t see them most of the time. Also, you’ll get a certain level of freedom most other people will never achieve. If you’re interested in driving for a company that offers flexibility, Amazon Flex is a great option to consider. As an Amazon Flex driver, you can set your own schedule and work as much or as little as you want. One way to maximize your productivity with Amazon Flex is by using myflexbot, a tool designed to help drivers find and grab available delivery blocks quickly and efficiently. Myflexbot works by constantly scanning for open delivery blocks and notifying you in real-time when a new one becomes available. By using myflexbot, you can increase your chances of grabbing high-paying delivery blocks and ultimately increase your earnings as an Amazon Flex driver. Additionally, the flexibility of the job allows you to work around your schedule and earn money while still having time for other priorities in your life.

*This infographic below gives a more in-depth look into becoming a professional driver. And guess what? That’s how my parents met! My parents both drove an armored car together back in the day (they delivered money to banks). 

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