This Face Shape Guide Will Make Shopping for Glasses Way Easier!

Posted September 23, 2014 by in Shopping

Just like car shopping, eyeglass shopping isn’t that much fun. You walk into a large room filled with hundreds of frames, you then have to try on almost every pair to find something that only looks “okay.” Did we mention the price? Frames cost so much money!

But the spec game has changed in just a short period of time. Now you can purchase stunning and on-trend frames for under $100 online. With no overhead charges, such as rent for a brick-and-mortar store or licensing fees for designer frames, online glasses websites are able to provide affordable, high-quality eyewear options.

But isn’t shopping for something that can make or break your look hard to buy online? It doesn’t have to be!

We teamed up with an optometrist from An online optical store that offers prescription eyewear at an affordable price (prices range from $39 – $150). Below she shared what types of frames you should consider based on your face shape.



Lucky you! If you’re fortunate enough to have a highly coveted oval face shape, framing your eyes should be easy. People with oval faces can indulge in practically any style. So whether you’re partial to bold cat eye looks or wide and wild oversized frames, you’re likely in the clear!





If you’re looking for eyewear to flatter your square face, go for a style that is slightly rounded. By sporting frames with curved edges, you will be balancing out your angular features in a stylish way.





To enhance your look, heart face shapes should go for frames that will compliment their features and balance out their facial proportions. Aviator frames do an excellent job enhancing heart face shapes because they help to balance out the narrower lower half of the face.





Balancing out the features of a person with a long face shape often requires shortening the length of the face, thus giving it a more oval appearance. A pair of thicker rectangle frames does an excellent job of drawing attention away from the length of the face. Try to find a style that has more depth than width; an important feature to shorten the look of longer faces.





Just like a diamond, this face shape is unique. To best show off a diamond shaped face, go for a pair of glasses that accentuates your already impressive cheekbones. Draw attention to your eyes and the top portion of your face with top-heavy frames. Diamond face shapes have their choice of frames with thicker top halves or semi-rimless styles.





The most flattering look for round face shapes is a style that can minimize the roundness of the face. To do so, avoid round or oval frames and instead opt for a more angular design. The straight lines on these frames help to soften the look of round faces.




So don’t be scared of purchasing frames online. As long as you put your face shape into consideration when shopping, you’ll love your frames. Below is more advice if you’re still not too sure.

  • Oval – any style: oversized, rectangular, etc.
  • Square – slightly rounded/curved shapes
  • Heart – aviators
  • Long – thicker and rectangular
  • Diamond – thicker top halved or rimless
  • Round – angular designs

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