Threadflip Might Be the Cure to Your Shopping Addiction

Posted January 28, 2015 by in Lifestyle

Are you the queen of impulse buys? Are you constantly spending money on the latest trends? Is your closet filled with clothes you never wear? If you answered yes to any of those questions, your wardrobe might want you to hit a reset button. But who wants to throw away all their beautiful clothes? No one!

Threadflip Might Be the Cure to Your Shopping Addiction

Sure, you could try to sell them at your local Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet (or donate them). But the likelihood of you making the big bucks is slim. Plus, it’s always a pain to lug a giant trash bag full of clothes and shoes. And they always put you in a pickle — should you take the cash, or the higher store credit? If you’re weak, you might pick the latter, and that puts you in the same position as you were before. Too. Many. Clothes.

San Francisco based startup, Threadflip, wants to fix your way-too-many clothes dilemma sans heavy trash bag and sans losing money.

Threadflip is a social marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved clothing and accessories. If you’re selling, here’s how it works: Threadflip will either send you a box or email you a shipping label to send your clothes to them (for free). From there, the team inspects your items for damage. If they can’t sell something, they’ll either send it back to you, or donate it to Goodwill; the choice is yours. The accepted clothes will be photographed, priced, and sent to a buyer. The final outcome is you with some extra dough!

If you’re buying, it’s just like online shopping at your favorite retailer — items are searchable based on brand, size, color, style, and price.

So if you’re an impulse buyer with too many clothes, or you want to add more designer things to your wardrobe without breaking the bank, check out Threadflip.

Curious? Check out the three items below that are currently chillin’ in my cart:

Threadflip Might Be the Cure to Your Shopping Addiction

Arden B Skirt: $28.00

Marc by Marc Jacobs bag -- only $60 on Threadflip!

Marc by Marc Jacobs Mini Bucket Bag: $60.00


Old Navy Boots: $13.00 

If you’re less about designer and more about Kmart, JCPenney, Sears, and Walmart (Threadflip doesn’t accept clothing from those retailers), check out Vinted — another buy, sell, trade concept that doesn’t have brand restrictions.