Three Less Obvious Childhood Hazards to Watch Out For

Posted September 10, 2020 by in Lifestyle
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Any parent’s worst nightmare is their child sustaining a serious, and life-threatening, injury. You’re probably already aware of and prepared for the most obvious ones, including broken bones, road traffic accidents, and accidental poisoning from common household substances. 

These instances are, unfortunately, by no means the only hazards that you might come across. It is important for parents to be aware of other risks. This way, you’ll always be able to protect your child while still allowing them the opportunity to explore and play, and be prepared to respond as quickly as possible if the worst does happen.

Here are three less obvious childhood hazards to watch out for:

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Foreign Objects Lodged in the Ears or the Nose

You’re probably well aware of the hazard of your child choking on small objects, but the mouth is not the only place where small children might be tempted to insert objects. Children often put small objects in their ears and nose, and if these get stuck, they can lead to infection and even cause perforation of the eardrum or can be inhaled into the lungs.

If this has happened to your child, it’s critical that you do not try to remove the object yourself, as this can push the object further in and make it harder to remove.

Instead, take your child to the ER, where the object will be removed by a specialist ENT doctor. Always keep small objects away from children and never use a cotton bud to clean your child’s ear canal as this can compact ear wax and potentially harm the eardrum. 

Dog Bites

There’s no doubt that dogs make excellent pets and a lot of people don’t consider their family to be complete without a dog. Unfortunately, dogs do have an aggressive side – some more than others – and can attack if they are provoked or feel threatened. You can also click here for more information about dog attacks and the steps to take.

If your child has sustained a dog bite, seek medical assistance immediately. The ER will clean and dress the wound and administer any necessary vaccinations, such as a tetanus shot. If you feel that the attack happened as a result of owner negligence, you might want to pursue a compensation claim from a law firm such as Houston’s acclaimed dog bite lawyer.

To help prevent dog bites, never leave a young child alone with a dog, and teach children never to approach or pet dogs they don’t know.  


The risk of drowning at pools, lakes, and other large bodies of water is well-known, and you have probably already planned swimming lessons for your children to help prevent this. However, did you know that babies and young children can drown in less than two inches of water? That means that household water sources such as bathtubs and toilets are potentially hazardous.

To prevent this tragedy from happening, first and foremost never leave a young child unattended in the bathroom. Use a toilet lid locking device and keep bathroom doors shut at all times when not in use.