Three Reasons to Bring a Dog Into the Family

Posted July 7, 2020 by in Lifestyle
woman with husky

Ever since the dawn of time, when wild wolves first approached humans to share the heat and light from their fire, the bond between humans and domesticated dogs has been unbreakable. Dogs make for fun-loving, loyal pets, and many people don’t feel that the family is complete without a canine companion.

If you need any further persuading, here are three reasons why you should get a dog:

reasons to get a dog

Dogs Can Help Your Family to Get Active

Dogs require walking at least twice a day, to provide them with the exercise and mental stimulation they need to remain happy and healthy. In fact, some high energy dog breeds, such as whippets and border collies, will require more exercise than low energy breeds like basset hounds and bulldogs.

Ensuring that your dog gets the daily exercise it needs can also prove to be beneficial in helping the whole family get more exercise. You can use your one of your dog’s daily walks as an opportunity to get the whole family out of the house. Why not go to the local park and spend an hour or two playing catch with your canine friend?

There Is a Dog Breed That Will Suit Everyone

Labradors, Jack Russells, Pugs, chihuahuas. . . there is a breed of dog of every size and temperament to suit anyone. You might be looking for the perfect family dog, in which case look for a breed that is good with kids, such as a Boxer, beagle, or Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. If you are an experienced dog owner and have a bit more time on your hands, you might want to try a more high maintenance breed to participate at dog shows. An Irish Wolfhound would be a good option if this is the case or a stunning Borzoi.

However, some dog breeds, such as pugs, have particular medical needs that need to be attended to. This makes it doubly important that you sign up with a trusted veterinary clinic, like easyvet Midlothian, as part of your preparations for welcoming your new canine friend into your home.

Dogs Are Loyal Companions

Dogs haven’t won the moniker of being ‘man’s best friend’ for no reason. If you’ve ever had a dog in your life, you’ll know that they whine when their human is away and jump for joy when they return home. Dogs have incredibly expressive faces, and you’re likely to know when they are happy, or if they are scared or in pain; likewise, your dog will be able to sense your mood and can pick up when something isn’t quite right.

Experts put this down to dogs being pack animals and social creatures who crave companionship. Early on in obedience training, when you have just acquired your dog, you assert yourself as the leader of your ‘pack’. Your dog will recognize this authority and look to you to provide food, shelter, and companionship as the ‘alpha dog’.  

Husky dog and owner

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