Thrift Finds—I Snagged This $200 Reformation Dress for Only $20

Posted January 8, 2021 by in Fashion/ Street Style

Remember outfits? Yeah, me neither. Just kidding! Well…kinda. I’m not going to lie, I spent most of March, April, May, and June is sweats, but once summer hit, I decided that dressing up was good for my soul and I started doing it again—even if it was just to the grocery store or the park. Oh 2020, weren’t you a fun one? 🙄

One thing that I started doing again in recent weeks has been thrifting. I love thrifting, but since the pandemic started, I took a break from all shopping. Goodwill will always and forever be my favorite place to go thrifting; some of my best finds have been from a Goodwill—including the jacket I’m wearing in this Thrift Finds post, but I have found great items at all the big names that focus on thrift, from Buffalo Exchange, to Savers.

  • Jacket: $8 via GoodWill
  • Reformation Dress: $20 via Crossroads Trading Co.
  • Boots: $8 via Myrorna in Örebro, Sweden

I wore this outfit the day my boyfriend and I filmed Broke & Chic’s first YouTube video in over 5 years. Watch it here! I’ve strayed away from all things YouTube and video related out of fear. I’ve always felt awkward and uncomfortable in front of a video camera—thankfully my boyfriend is no stranger to making videos and he directed me on my motions.

Anyway, this dress has become a favorite and I have received compliments each time I have worn it. I purchased it at a Crossroads Trading Co. location here in Los Angeles for $20. Here’s the thing about this dress—it’s a Reformation dress. Reformation dresses are gorgeous and they are priced from $118-$300. So I got a dress that sold for over $200 for just $20. Woot!

If you like the style of this dress, here’s one that looks similar for only $19.

What has been one of your best thrift finds? Let me know in the comments below!



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