Thrifty Ways To Jazz Up Your Room: Minimalist Edition

Posted February 16, 2022 by in Home
Cool hipster green couch sofa with brown wooden legs on wooden floor

Home decoration could be your favorite activity to take up, but have you ever had a budget crunch? While all the posts may show that the secret of having a stunning home and room is splurging on expensive decor, we say otherwise! You don’t have to go broke trying to rearrange your home aesthetic, especially during such times when minimalism is taking precedence among the decor trends.

Today, we’re going to show you five thrifty ways in which you can make your home look amazing without burning a hole in your wallet!

Look Up Local Garage Sales

You’d be surprised to find the hidden gems you could find at your friendly neighbor’s garage sale. Many people end up finding amazing artwork, furniture, and fixtures that have a lot more value in the market than the sale price. Look at their wall paintings, desk decorations, table lamps, and other home decorative objects to match your room’s vibe. Sometimes you can also come across a friend or acquaintance who is moving locations and would like to get rid of a lot of their belongings.

You can also offer to buy a few decor pieces that you like, lightening their burden and affordably acquiring pre-loved items for your room.

Commission Art From Local Artists

There are several artists and small businesses online that sell beautifully rustic decor & wall art. You can easily find a local business to support since they are all hand-curated and unique! These one-of-a-kind pieces can change the look of your room by creating a focal point.

If you can’t find anything that you like, you can get in touch with an artist; commissioning unique artwork and decor just for your room by a small business owner is affordable, stunning, and custom-made.

Pictures on wall with table

Repurpose What You Already Have

Repurposing clothes into a dream catcher or a framed portrait is one of the best ways to reuse what you already have to create more art. So often, we throw away clothes and belongings that could be used to create interesting home decor. Research the ways in which you can turn an old t-shirt into a lampshade or curtain screen, you’ll be delighted to find the amount of repurposing tutorials online that enhance home aesthetic.

Take the DIY Route

If you wish to add a personal touch to home decoration, why not do it yourself? Inside every person is an artist hidden, waiting for their chance to express their talent/ Turn to DIY tutorials to create portraits, paintings, and decorations that you loved on Instagram or Pinterest! Many such creators are more than happy to provide tutorials and have extensive free content showing how they created their artwork.

Add Some Plants

When you need to create a calm space for your room, never forget to add pretty house plants. There are several varieties of flora that can be used indoors if you care for them well. Also, the positive energy that plants bring can cleanse your entire room, making it a space for healing and creativity. Decorate your pots with fairy lights to give them an earthen style. 

Most of the tips we’ve mentioned will save you hundreds of dollars. When it comes to investing in home decoration that is constantly changing, we believe that using what you have or buying affordable pieces to liven your living space up can do the trick. We hope you get great results!