Throw a Memorable Bash This September with These Tips

Posted September 25, 2015 by in Lifestyle

Parties. We all love a good party, right? Even the introverts among us will enjoy the idea of going to a quiet gathering with some good friends; because you’re not restricted to a thrashing rave for a party, you can have all kinds of parties in all kind of incarnations. Unfortunately, as much fun as parties are, planning a party can also be a somewhat stressful time. The fact is that we’re all so busy nowadays with our various jobs, roles, and responsibilities that the idea of trying to fit in planning a party around all of the other things that we have to do every day, can make planning an event quite the chore.

Luckily, as we’ve grown busier and busier, we’ve also become more technologically advanced, so there’s plenty of options for the time poor, tech savvy individuals among us who clearly want to throw fun parties, but struggle to find the time to even fit in our everyday roles and commitments! After all, it’s important that we get some downtime every now and then, and having a nice social event can be just the thing to help us to decompress and unwind.

We created a little list of things that you can do – life hacks, if you will – that will make planning any kind of party a total breeze. Read on for more information about how you can make every party a painless pleasure.

Step One: Buy all of your alcohol online and have it delivered to your home

Did you know that you can now buy alcohol online? It’s basically a gift from the gods as far as party planning goes! Instead of having to schlep around the liquor store, traipsing aimlessly with a trolley piled high with booze, and then having to load it all into your car and unload it when you get home (and keep it cold if necessary) you can now have all of your booze delivered to your home on the day of your event. You can even request that it be delivered cold for you so that you don’t have to worry about that step. What a lifesaver! It’s also sure to save you plenty of time in the planning and organizing process. Double win!


Step Two: Buy your food from a catering company and have it dropped off on the day of your party

This fits in the same boat as far as life-hacks go, so make sure you get the food organized ahead of time and dropped off on the day of your party. No desultory spread of chips and dips for your party guests! You’ll have the tastiest treats in town, thanks to your forward thinking. Choose something that’s going to have plenty of choice and variety for your guests, and also make sure you have plenty of vegetarian and gluten free options if your friends have those sort of food choices/intolerances.

To save on costs, consider offering only snacks. Use a service like FreshDirect, Instacart, or Peapod — that way you can have everything delivered! Or throw a party that’s a potluck. If everyone brings a yummy dish, the cost and stress the comes with supplying food will disappear.


Step Three: Hire a DJ online or get a band to play

There’s nothing worse than having to stuff around sorting out the music for your party – especially if you have an iPod playing the music, as oftentimes people will hijack the music selection and ruin your carefully curated playlist! Urk. Save yourself the bother of that ever happening and opt for a DJ or band. Even something like an acoustic guitarist can be a great choice for your event.

Don’t think you can afford a DJ? See if one of your talented friends will do it for a trade!


Well, we hope that these three simple steps for party planning are going to be helpful for your event – so go out there and get planning now that you know how easy it can be to succeed with your next event!