Tips for Covering Your Head After Chemotherapy

Posted June 4, 2021 by in Health + Fitness

Chemotherapy is a tough time. With all the treatment and hair loss, you might have a difficult time finding your identity. If you have been losing your hair because of cancer treatment, you will find that chemo scarves and hats are the most versatile and comfortable way of covering your head. They are available in different styles and fabrics like cotton headscarves or bamboo chemo caps.

In this article, you will be learning a few tips that will help you cover your head with a scarf or hat better after your chemotherapy:

  • Headscarves are mostly rectangular or square in shape. If you are buying a square headscarf, it should be more than 27 x 27 inches in order to cover your head properly. In the case of a rectangular scarf, you need to buy one that is more than 15 inches in width. If you want to tie your scarf several times around the head to make it look like a turban or a headwrap or just want fabric hanging in the back, rectangular scarves will be the better choice. 
  • You want a scarf made of a soft, breathable, and lightweight fabric. It shouldn’t be too slippery. Heavier fabrics won’t work right as well, especially if you have been experiencing hot flashes because of your treatment. The best fabric for you is rayon, cotton, or bamboo. A bamboo scarf wicks heat and can help you stay dry and cool.
  • There are different styles of hats and caps you can try, depending on the season and your personal preference:
    • A sleep cap cannot only make you feel soothing but also keeps you warm. It is a soft and form-fitting cap usually made from bamboo or cotton.
    • A turban is a cap that is form-fitting and surrounds the complete head. It will look like there are several layers of fabric twisted or wrapped around your head. Styles like turbans, slouchy hats, and beanies have been extremely popular among people like you who are going through treatment-related hair loss. This is because they are easy to wear, comfortable, offer coverage over your neckline and ears, and give an appearance of being put together without having to make a lot of effort. Many people find that turbans can give you fullness and height that is very flattering. Beanies and turbans can be used as a sleep cap as well. With some intricate techniques of scarf tying, you can use a scarf for creating a turban.
    • A bucket, beret, military, cadet, newsboy, or cloche hat are some other styles that you can use for hiding your hair loss. These hats can be worn outdoors as well as indoors and offer good coverage. In case you need a hat only indoors, you should go for a still that doesn’t have a brim or bill.
    • To protect your face, neck, and scalp from the sun, you can wear a sun hat that is made of a soft material. Look for fabrics that are either labelled UPF 50+ or come with built-in UV protection. For extra coverage and softness, you can use a wide headband or a scarf. This is a crucial tip as some treatments for breast cancer can make the skin extra sensitive.
    • For the winter season, when you will be spending a lot of time in the cold, use hats made of soft fabrics such as chenille or fleece.

If you are looking for other ways to use a headscarf, you can search online for tutorial videos that will provide you with step-by-step instructions on tying techniques. When used the right way, chemo scarves or bamboo chemo caps can be an easy, comfortable, and attractive alternative to wigs. 

*Photos by Ivan Samkov