Tips for Creating a Beautiful & Functional Master Bathroom

Posted September 6, 2021 by in Home

Your master bathroom is an important and essential space in your home. You likely care about how it looks and homebuyers will too when you choose to sell your property one day in the future.

There are a few steps you can take that will help you create not only a more beautiful but also a functional master bathroom. Use these tips as a starting point to improving your master bath and continue to add more updates to it as time goes on. You’ll soon have a master bath that you love and you look forward to using each day.

Keep it Clean & the Plumbing in Good Shape

If you want to adore your bathroom and want it to look nice then you should strive to keep it clean. Tidy it up regularly and perform a deep clean on areas such as the shower, grout, and floor once in a while. Look around and check for drips, leaks, or rust whenever you clean to ensure your plumbing is in good shape. Consider using a corrosion protection solution should you spot any areas that require your attention.

Add More Storage

Another tip for creating a more beautiful and functional master bathroom is to add more storage options. It’s an excellent way to keep your bathroom organized and minimize any messes or overflow of your belongings. You can hide away your towels and other bathroom items you use daily and won’t have to look at them on the counter all the time.

If you’re short on storage consider adding a closet or shelving above your toilet.

Install the Right Lighting & Mirrors

You must have the right lighting and enough of it in your master bathroom if you want it to look beautiful and be functional. You not only want to have an overhead light or fixture but also lights above or near the mirror where you stand to put on your makeup and wash your face. Consider putting a light on a dimmer switch so you can set the right mood if you wish to relax and take a bath.

Also, think about installing large mirrors and framing them for a unique and custom look. Lights and mirrors will also help make a small bathroom appear larger.

It is also possible to save space with the right toilet system. In this case, a space-efficient yet chic upflush toilet can do the trick. This system doesn’t require you to dig underground to connect to the main drainage line. You can use an extension pipe for a behind-the-wall installation. That will allow you to fit the macerating unit out of sight and out of the way. With that, you can have more space in your bathroom.

Decorate with Soothing Colors

The décor and colors you choose to use in your master bath should be soothing and calming. Consider light grays, blues, or greens and add natural elements or wood to create more of a Zen experience in your bathroom. If you want to add more character then be picky about what type of hardware you choose and consider painting an accent wall, installing a backsplash, or using a wallpaper design on part or all of your walls.

These tips will help you create not only a beautiful master bath but one that’s functional and you enjoy using. They’re ideas that you can tackle yourself and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make these types of enhancements. A little sprucing up and updating will go a long way in helping you to fall back in love with your master bathroom.  

*Photos by Vlada Karpovich