Tips for Getting Fit on a Budget

Posted July 23, 2019 by in Health + Fitness
getting fit on a budget

We should all strive to live healthier lifestyles. With diet and exercise, you’ll notice how much better you look and feel. Many people blame their unhealthy habits on a busy schedule. But what about finances?

We won’t lie—getting fit can be expensive. The gym memberships. The healthy food. The workout clothes. These things can add up quickly. This doesn’t mean you can’t get fit on a budget.

Here are our top tips to help you save money while getting that six-pack:

Working Out

It’s time to get off the couch. To get fit, you’ll need to start exercising.

Make the Internet Your Personal Trainer

Who doesn’t want their very own personal trainer? You have someone to plan your workouts and diet. They’re also there to motivate you along your journey. Unfortunately, personal trainers aren’t ideal while on a budget. Most charge pricy hourly rates. Luckily, you have the internet. There’s endless information to you. And the best part—it’s free.

Explore different exercise blogs. Read up on nutritious recipes. Find fitness discussion boards to participate in. Come up with a plan that fits your situation. It will require a little research but is well worth the savings.

Skip the Gym Memberships

When you first sign up, many gyms have specials that seem too good to be true. They usually are.

Avoid hidden costs and excessive fees. Use what you already have. Run around your city. Find a local track or park. See if your neighborhood has a community gym. Turn your home into a personal gym. This doesn’t mean invest in expensive equipment; you may even be able to find used gym equipment at an affordable price at your local thrift store. See if your roommates want to pitch in as well!

Workout Clothes

You don’t need a whole new wardrobe to get fit. You’ll need some workout clothes, but you don’t have to break the bank. Steer clear of expensive name brands; there are plenty of affordable quality clothes out there (Old Navy is personal favorite for workout clothes).

For the clothes you do buy, make sure you get the most out of them. A couple of examples include:

Compression Socks

Compression socks are perfect for working out. They improve blood circulation throughout the body. Plus, companies make them in fun patterns.

Another great thing about them is their versatility. They don’t have to be just for working out. You can wear them as part of your daily routine. Just keep in mind how long to wear compression socks for.

Good Tennis Shoes

Invest in a good pair of tennis shoes. You’ll need good cushioning and proper support. Don’t buy cheap pairs just to toss them soon after. You’ll be throwing your money away. Plus, you won’t get the support you need.

Eating Healthy

Just exercising isn’t enough. You should be eating healthy. Incorporate fruits and veggies into your diet and limit foods such as white bread and sugary snacks.

When fast food is so cheap, it can be hard to eat healthy. Try some of these tips:

Don’t Buy Too Much at Once

Healthy foods such as produce can be expensive. Don’t stock up every time you go shopping. Only buy what you know you’ll consume and make an effort to use it before it goes bad. Going to the grocery store often isn’t always a bad thing.

Cook at Home

Restaurants have many healthy dishes available, but eating out adds up. So try cooking at home for often.  It’s more cost-effective to buy food at a grocery store and make it yourself. Plus, it is usually healthier to cook at home. Use recipes you find online.

As you can see, it is possible to get fit on a budget. With a little determination, you’ll be saving money and living your healthiest life!