Tips For Hiring And Coordinating Crew For Live Events

Posted January 5, 2021 by in Career

If you’re planning live events, it’s important to plan the AV element of your project in the right way so you can cater to the crewing needs of each project. The way that you coordinate a new project will depend on the kinds of events that you are crewing, and who you will need to achieve the project successfully.

In order to make this process easy and efficient, regardless of the project, there are several tips that you can follow, from understanding the different positions to automating scheduling. Use these audio visual technician hiring and coordination tips to make crewing a live event much easier:

Hire Based On Qualifications

The AV contracting and hiring process is always a little different, choosing the right crew to fill each position is usually similar. You need to identify the special skills and training that you need your crew to have, compare equipment lists with their experience handling such gear, and then locate qualified candidates who are available to work. 

Break down positions and their responsibilities and compare this to the work history of each crew member. This will help you to choose the best professional from your pool of employees and contractors. You can hire crew members who will know to safely and effectively meet the requirements of the project. If you can’t find the right candidate for a position or your usual contractor is unavailable, you can use a staffing agency to help you find the talent that you need. 

Line Up Proper Insurance

If you’ve hired your crew from your own employees, you should be able to easily verify their insurance status and coverage amounts. However, if you work with contractors, this will need some more work to make sure each of them is properly insured, and that their coverage amounts meet the amounts that are required by your vendor and venue. This process is essential, even if you’re working with a staffing agency that has been able to provide coverage in the past. 

To save time on verifying insurance for your contractors, you could work with a third-party company that will handle all of this paperwork for you. 

Use An AV Crew Scheduling Software

Even if you are experienced with scheduling, or are used to handle your AV crew scheduling manually, making use of crew management software for scheduling can help to expedite and streamline the process, making your scheduling more efficient and accurate. A real-time scheduling tool will save you time in going back and forth between crew members to coordinate schedules, responsibilities, and project details. 

As the needs of a project change, crew scheduling software will make sure that schedules are kept under control, with the ability to easily change dates, times, and locations. You can send schedule updates directly to your crew, and manage contractors and employees in one place. The software can also allow you to easily manage multiple projects and crews at the same time, saving you confusion and stress.