Tips For Making A Great Travel Video

Posted December 2, 2020 by in Lifestyle

Do you have a passion for travel? Every time you go to a destination do you try to capture all your memories in photos and texts, wanting to share all your experiences with the rest of the world? If the answer is yes, then indeed travel for you means much more than a short visit to an unknown place. It is the collection of memories, images, tastes and emotions that can affect you forever. And all this cumulative experience that you received from your trip, you can transfer it to other people through your content. Other people will discover new destinations thanks to you, and this feeling of satisfaction is unmatched by any other.

So you decided to create your first travel video. But before implementing it, you need to know some essential things about the whole process, which is definitely complicated. Still, with constant practice, you will gain comfort and know-how to produce quality travel videos. Let’s look at things from the beginning.

Watch Other Travel Videos

You need to know that every content creator always has a great base of influence. The skills you will gain by watching similar travel videos are innumerable, and you should definitely not ignore it. Take advantage of all the great video content out there to your advantage. Learn techniques and ways to shoot, improve the direction of your videos, and use new recording techniques from the hundreds of thousands of videos available online.

Prepare Your Camera Settings Before the Trip

Suppose you have a camera to record your trip. A critical step that should not be missed is checking the video settings of your camera. Because trust us, you wouldn’t want to be in the unlucky position when editing your video back home with the wrong recording settings. By selecting the recording settings, you adjust the image of your video material to your own needs, without the need for any colour correction in the final processing of the video, for example.

So plan your camera video settings before your trip to avoid any unpleasant and time-consuming changes during your voyage.

Shoot Enough Video Material

When it comes to video editing in your home, then more is better. What we mean by this is that it is better to have enough processing material in your hands than to have minimal processing material to save storage space. Most modern video equipment offers you the ability to record a long video without worrying about storage space.

So start your walks early in the morning in the setting sun, to record all those fantastic scenes in perfect light before the sun sets and your overall visibility decreases.

Successfully Connect Your Video Shots

Because all your travel videos are based on spontaneity, it isn’t easy to have a rigorous plan to make your plan-to-plan transitions successfully. And that is why this part of the process may take longer. Try to avoid creating a video without a specific consistency, direction and visual that copies the thousands of identical videos out there. In a few words, try to tell your own story in your own unique way.

Emphasize the Quality of Your Audio in the Video

Finally, the sound quality of a video is essential. From the recording of the clips to the selection of the appropriate microphones, the sound quality can raise the overall quality of video, or throw it into the rubbish bin. Remember that video is an audiovisual experience, and you should also pay due attention when producing the sounds that you will add to your video because they set the right tone for every occasion. 

If you decide to add voice over to your videos to give them an even more professional style, then you need to have all the right equipment to record your parts. There is, of course, the alternative option of paid voice-overs, which will offer you an immediate and quality solution for your videos. Voquent company provides you with excellent voice over services with professional actors, who can serve your every need with years of experience.

So once we’ve covered most of the video creation and production steps, it’s time for you to grab the camera, get on a plane (following all safety precautions of course) and start your recordings!

Discover and develop the talent that is inside you, creating beautiful videos that will inspire and move the world!