Tips for Running Your Startup

Posted May 11, 2021 by in Career

Many entrepreneurial success stories begin with a lousy job. The kind of low paid, no-fun role that sees you getting out of bed before the sun is up, spending all day being unfulfilled, and returning home with no energy left for the things – and the people – you love. 

That’s why starting your own business is such a fantastic prospect that has to be nurtured. If you throw yourself into things without thinking everything through, you could find yourself knocking on the door at your old job, asking if it’d be OK if you came back on Monday.

startup founder tips

Get Your Accounting Right

Money isn’t everything, or so they say. And it’s a nice notion. After all, you can buy a clock, but you can’t buy time. You can buy dinner, but you can’t buy someone who loves you to eat it with you. Money really isn’t everything. Unless you’re in business, of course. Because then money becomes the only factor in everything you do. That’s why you need to get your accounting done right (use this cloud accounting tool, for example). 

When your accounting lets you down, you could end up in trouble with the tax office, and when they start snooping around your business processes and reporting their findings, you may discover that you’ve been doing things wrong for a long time. Online business accounting software is quick and simple. It can make all the difference in keeping your business viable.

Listen to Your Customers

The customer isn’t always right. BUT. The customer is always comparing you to your competitors, so whether you think they are right or wrong is a moot point – their opinion matters beyond your ego. 

A while ago, a company designed and marketed beach towels specifically for use on sun loungers and deck chairs. What the company had failed to realise was that the market was hungry for a similar product that provided a zip pocket, to stash away valuables from sight at the beach. 

The company didn’t listen, and now other brands have stepped in to happily give the customer what they want. Changing your products or services to meet market trends is a part of being in business that you would be foolish to ignore. 

Customer Support is Vital

Along with listening to your customers, you must offer the relevant support or else your brand will suffer. For example, do you send welcome emails? Do your customers know how to reach you if they need you? Do you reply to all comments on social media, showing you are a brand that cares and listens to every post your loyal base uploads about you?

Where you fail to deliver customer support that personalizes your brand, you run the risk of losing your customers to brands that take the time to make those connections. No matter how good your products or services, buyer persona is all about the customer being a person with emotional wants and needs. They will take their spending power wherever they feel meets those needs. 

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We hope these tips have helped you on your journey to entrepreneurial success.

*Photos by Mathilde Langevin