Tips for Women Who Want to Completely Transform Their Bodies

Posted August 2, 2015 by in Health + Fitness

When it comes to getting the body that you desire, there is the easy way or there is the hard way. Ideally, exercise will be the best route to take in order to get the body that you want. Where it may be easy for some to get ‘the look’ that they are after; for others it may be extremely difficult or on the verge of impossible. In some cases, the only option available is to undergo some type of cosmetic treatment to achieve the desired appearance. In this article, we take a look at some of the things that can be done for both men and women that want to get the body type they desire.

Before we start, what is the look that most men and women desire?

Many men and women want to improve their ‘hotness’ (aka, sex appeal) that will further boost their confidence and their own perception of themselves. We live in a world where the media portrays how men and women should look. While everyone has their own choice when it comes down to their appearance, a more appealing look does open more doors than a look that doesn’t. That look is the ‘fit’ look. And the fit look is where the muscles are toned and provides a degree of muscular definition. For men, this is more to do with size and sculpting. For women, it is to do with a shapely toned figure.

Training for a marathon or a body building event could be the driving force you need to achieve this goal of yours.  Below are some tips to consider if defined abs are your thing:

Tips for Women Who Want to Completely Transform Their Bodies

The exercise option – tough, but achievable

To get the look that you are after, it is a combination of doing resistance weights with cardiovascular training. It comes down to maintaining a ‘calorie deficit’ diet that will allow you to eat what you need to fuel the body, but will structure a training program that will see you burn more calories over the long term in the pursuit of a more toned body.

The types of exercises that you do are equally as important. It comes down to contracting the muscle with the right resistance weights in order to achieve the look. This means doing contracting exercises for your shoulders, arms, legs, chest, back and bum. Strict technique is the key to getting better results with your weights training, rather than doing heavier weights that spoil your technique and fails to get you any results over the long term.

Additionally, cardio training where you are burning at least 1500 calories per week will see your body fat decrease to between 8-12% over a six-month time frame (provided that you maintain the calorie deficit diet).

To achieve noticeable muscle definition (without having to hire an expensive personal trainer), consider a program like Crossfit or Insanity.


You are what you eat. You need to maintain a diet where you will feed the muscle while you are burning the fat. It is about maintaining a calorie deficit with your diet and training program. You will need to learn and plan how to diet to avoid foods, drinks and fats that will work adversely towards your physical goals. The diet will likely involve the consumption of empty carbohydrates, such as green vegetables, fruits, smoothies, meal replacements and protein filled meals.

You will probably notice that it will be more expensive to eat these foods, but you will achieve your goals over the long run! A great plan to consider is the 21 Day Fix since it’s easy to follow.

Cosmetic treatment alternatives

As mentioned, it isn’t easy for people to do exercise. The results will come with strict and dedicated training. And often, the training time is one to two hours per day over six to twelve months. For a quicker solution, treatments such as body sculpting or liposuction can get you in better shape and quickly give you the look that you desire. Although this comes at a higher price tag, you will save on time and get somewhat of a ‘head start’ with your body’s look. Regular exercise and a healthy diet still needs to be maintained after the treatment. You can find out more about exercising after undergoing a liposuction treatment here.

There are a few choices available to people nowadays when it comes to achieving the desired look. The exercise option will provide that ‘wow factor’ impact that people are looking for, however the cosmetic surgery treatment can be equally as effective. Consider which option is best for you and say hello to a brand new you!

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