Tips on Generating Physical, Mental & Spiritual Harmony

Posted September 16, 2022 by in Health + Fitness
Blonde long hair young woman girl lifestyle portrait in spring romantic in park around bloom blooming trees and blossom sakura flowers pastel tones

We are finally beginning to realise that good health should be approached in a holistic way and ground-breaking discoveries in the quantum world points to the power of consciousness. What you think affects outcomes; we have known for centuries that stress kills and it may be that stress and anxiety is the cause of all disease:

Blonde long hair young woman girl lifestyle portrait in spring romantic in park around bloom blooming trees and blossom sakura flowers pastel tones

Assess your lifestyle

If you would like to be more in harmony with yourself and the universe, take an in-depth look at your lifestyle; how is your diet? Do you exercise daily? Is stress a part of your life? The answers to questions like these will help you pinpoint areas for change. Playing sports is a great way to get the exercise you need and by visiting your local physiotherapist in Camberwell, the health professional can help you create a fitness plan.

Dealing with increased anxiety

The pandemic has wreaked havoc all around the world, especially here in Australia and this had led to many people being without an income; financial problems are always stressful and if you are finding it hard to make ends meet, this could have an impact on your overall health & well-being. Try getting into yoga, which offers the practitioner physical, mental & spiritual development; if you have a busy lifestyle, yoga can be the exercise portion of your life and there are numerous types of this far-eastern discipline; search for YouTube yoga videos and see what you think. All you really need is a yoga mat and some suitable clothing and you are good to go. Click here for tips on dealing with anxiety.

Develop awareness

This comes from meditation and an elevated level of awareness brings a degree of calmness and serenity into your life. Depression is a dangerous thing and of you are feeling a sense of inability and a lack of self-worth, remind yourself of the many achievements you have made in your busy life. If you are hanging around with negative people, this impacts your life in a bad way and it can be hard to admit this. To uplift yourself, remember to raise your vibration through positive practices.


CBD oil is proven to have many health benefits and you can order a small bottle from an online supplier, a few drops every evening before sleep will calm and relax you, enabling you to have a good night’s sleep. Other great ideas include the use of essential oils; do some online research about how essential oils can be beneficial to your health.

Relaxation exercises

It is very easy to become tense and this can have a negative impact on your health; search online for relaxation exercises and techniques to help you calm down when you get time to rest.

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If you take a close look at your current lifestyle, there are bound to be areas where you can make positive changes and we hope that this article goes some way to elevating your overall health & well-being. It is never too late to make some changes in your life, regardless of where you happen to be.