Tips On how To Organize A Budget Friendly Hen Do

Posted December 10, 2018 by in Lifestyle

Weddings can be very expensive and difficult to afford when you have a lot of things to plan. From dresses to shoes to hen night celebrations, wedding can take up a huge chunk of your savings. If you’re the maid of honor or a bridesmaid, then a hen do can be another expense added to the, already expensive, wedding budget.

Planning a hen do is the responsibility of the maid of honor and the bridesmaid, so you will need to ensure that your bride friend gets the best celebration of her last night as a Ms. before she becomes the Mrs.

If you’re worried about throwing your bestie the best hen do on a budget, then here are some tips that are going to help you throw a budget friendly hen do.

  1. Be Honest and Fix A Budget

The first step to throwing a budget friendly hen do is letting the bride squad know that you have only so much to spend on the hen night. Let them know you’re working on a fixed budget and let everyone else pitch in amounts that they are comfortable with. Once you have a fixed number in hand, it’s easier to plan things. So sit with the rest of the bridesmaids, discuss and fix a budget for the hen do. Don’t shy away from the topic of budget. Everyone understands that weddings can be expensive and they may even surprise you with their support for a budget friendly hen do.

  1. Cut Down Where You Can

Try to replace your expensive and luxury hen do ideas with cheaper and more affordable alternatives. For example, instead of having drinks and dinner at the top restaurant or bar of the city, you can go to your neighborhood bar or any cheaper option. The idea of a hen do is to get all the girls together for a final night of fun before the bride says ‘i do’. So you can change your expensive choices for cheaper ones.

  1. Destination Hen Do

If you’re planning to travel abroad and throw a destination hen do, then you might want to ditch your dream destination for a country that won’t burn a hole in your pocket. Compare the currency exchange rates, food and drinks prices and try to get an estimate of how much a destination hen do will cost you. There are plenty of destinations that are best suited for a budget friendly hen do. In Europe you can travel to Prague, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Benidorm and more.

  1. Hen Do at Home

A hen do at home can be a lot more fun than you would imagine. Planning a hen do at home gives you the freedom to plan it exactly how you want to. You can decorate the entire home with balloons and other hen do decorations, get the bride’s favorite dishes, have a candy bar, make your own cocktails, which will also be a great hen do activity. You can play different hen do games like never have I ever, truth or dare, treasure hunt, dance on your favorite music and then end the night with a sleepover. You’ll not have to worry about any transport or accommodation arrangements because everyone will be staying over at one place.

  1. Hag Do

A hag do is a combination of the stag and hen do. It is a common trend among brides and grooms who want to celebrate their last night as a bachelor and bachelorette, together. This type of a hen do will not only help you save on your budget, but also be a lot more fun and unique.


The only aim of a hen do is to make the bride feel special and celebrate her sending off into the married world. So even if you’re on a fixed budget for the hen do, remember that the bride’s friends and loved ones are the most important part of the hen do. So more money or less money is not going to make a difference in the hen do being a hit, when all the bride’s friends are there to dance and laugh with her one last time as a bachelorette.

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